i ordered some materials for the new project awarded by pak arab. called their office; okay the lorry would arrive at my premise around 1 pm

3 pm. still no sign of the lorry

called their office and the girl passed me the drivers phone number..

allooo.. mana u

bosss sollli aaaa. saya LIWAT sikit.



6 Responses to “liwat”

  1. Salam…

    ehhhh boleh ‘liwat’ sikit je ke 😛

    pastu ‘liwat’ boleh ada jangka masa eekkkk – lepas 10 tahun baru liwat semula 😛 hehehehehhe 😀

  2. abanglong Says:

    kak e – hahahahaha. abanglong tak suka liwat. nanti customer marah

  3. Farzilah Says:

    hehehe…. gempak tu!

  4. abanglong Says:

    farzilah – kenapa ? selalu liwat ker?? 🙂

  5. Farzilah Says:

    en tak ler… takut aaaa….

  6. abanglong Says:

    farzilah – ngeh ngeh ngeh

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