cerita isnin



i did some accounts today. well, for each and every project that i did, i do keep track of all the expenses and filed it accordingly. there is a new jobs ordered by my previous customer. basically its pretty much the same stuff that we did before; only some minor changes interms of sizes, shapes and such. the main idea is still the same. the old project is for the myvi and this one is for the new proton mpv.

for the myvi, one particular jig; i’ve quoted about rm13K. when i check the costing for the materials; the raw material cost was just about rm1200. but now; for the almost same things, i’ve qouted rm14k but the material cost is about rm3k !! wallauneeeh…

everything shoot up!!!!

kerja bersama saya, bukan kerja untuk saya!!!!




i dont know what really struck me lah. almost all my clients is jenis susah bayar punya. previously i’ve got the problems with effa’s company. still they owes me the same amount. then my other customer also the same. owes me certain amount but few days ago i recieved only 30% of what they utang me.

and lately, i also have problems with the arabs. pun paid me half of what they owes me ! ( ni mesti after they employ the new manager tu!!!)

Serious.. if go on like this; i really suffer la.. adehhh



2 Responses to “cerita isnin”

  1. Farzilah Says:

    NAIK.. semua naik abglong… semlm makan nasi campur. sekali kira dah 7.30 hengget. terkezut n tak terkata. mahal tahap dewa… padahal dulu below 5 jer. apa nak jadi dgn kita ni abglong?…

    eh i tot d pak arabs mutli millionair. naper bayar half- half ni ek? apa punya policy depa pakai. kerja dah bagai nak rak dgn depa kan…

  2. abanglong Says:

    farzilah – hahaha, nasi lauk unta ker?? entahla kan. duit makin ciput jer.. maka masuklah unit trus hahahaha

    pak arab neh entah. dulu okeh.since the new mangkuk ehh manager tu masuk laaa tu

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