chenta hatiku !

its not just a car; its a passion !


14 Responses to “aaaaaaaahhhhh”

  1. salam abglong…
    aper tunggu lagi..rembat ler satu chenta hatimu itu
    huhuhuhuhuh ;]

  2. abanglong Says:

    shud – hahaha. takdok pitih laaaa

  3. rembat jgn x rembat!

  4. abanglong Says:

    hummy – hahahaha… banyak ler rembat

  5. sabarrr…lepas projects ngan pak arabs tu dpt hasil…boleh la ambik satu kan…insyaallah

  6. abanglong Says:

    nash – huhuhu. sok kena charge kaw kaw la kan. satu skru kena charge dua ribu ringgit. jual 70 bijik, boleh la angkat satu. ngeh ngeh ngeh

  7. oshkosh Says:

    that’s the new facelifted 407… it’s much cheaper now coz locally assemble… MYR126k is quite competative price with all the goodies that u get.. for additional full leather seat + GPS navigation still a good price.. only MYR134k… the engine is a bit underpower but other than that it’s a good buy…

    p/s: my bet still on Lancer 2.0GT.. it’s cheap, CBU’ed, great leather seat, reasonably well-equipt, good power & torque, good handling (for a japs car), very good grip, well-insulated, handsome exterior design, but most of all suite my driving style… it’s fun.. hmmmmm…. come to think about it, both a very good package car but suite different type of driver… 🙂

  8. abanglong nak tukar singa ke?? tumpang nanti ehh..

  9. abanglong Says:

    osh – yeah. its a nice car. been driving the lion for sometimes. cuma one thing, dia punya resale value memang sakit jantung la nanti! pernah pg showroom lancer coz my kekasih hati (aka maklong) suka kete tu; but the salesman said they are not taking anymore new orders as the waiting list for the full spec is about 11 months at that time !

  10. abanglong Says:

    neeza – angan angan dan mimpi di siang hari jer la buat masa ni huhuhuhu

  11. lom beli lagi ker?? lamanya tak ke mari… abg long kan banyak duit… sambar jer lah… ekonomi negara memerlukan duit abg long lah… sila sila

  12. abanglong Says:

    BM – miahahahaha. banyak utang ada aaa huhuhuhu

  13. oshkosh Says:

    abanglong TD tak Lancer? macam mana compare dgn pak singa abanglong?

    masa i tanya, 2 months delivery.. than a week later already 4-6 months.. then,EON buat benda bodoh naikkan harga 2.0GT konon sbb currency & harga lama MYR116k hanya untuk 2.0GLS… walaupun still cheaper than a CKD’ed Civic but u tak patut kenakan harga baru utk org yg dah booked.. stupid, not fair, scumbag, moron etc…. better off than buying from a liar…

  14. abanglong Says:

    osh – cant test drive as the salesman said no point coz ordered cant be taken.but its a cool car indeed. the wife very the like red color. nice and well equipt car.sporty and sexy. fit and finish is nice though lots of plastic used. ada time free nak TD the 407 and the accord. will update here 🙂
    a year ++ ago; autobavaria contacted me to test drive their 523 and 325. that time i was not in the blogging arena still. but those were damn nice ride !

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