catatan hari sabtu

the entry is supposed to publish on last saturday tapi tak sempat la..hehe. udah tajuk pun citer ari sabtu kan !

i got a call from the arab engineer on friday at around 9pm. he told me that they need some minor modification of the machine that i made for them. base from what he explained, i know that its just minor, but without the modification the machine is useless !

there were some miscommunication somewhere. i think my design has already followed their specs and beside that; i’ve send my designs for approval prior to fabrication; so by right it wasnt our fault. but anyhow; i told him i’ll be there tomorrow morning.

in simple terms;my machine cant communicate with their machine due to different interface. and as usual, i text their boss mentioning what i’m going to do tomorrow. the boss is need to know first as he is the one who authorised the signature hahahaha

so pepagi lagi i dah tercegat kat their factory. called my staff to bring appropriate tools and start modifications and so on.

lunch time – bring them to one of the mamaks for briani. superb sedap they said.

as usual, solat time is jamaah. its a must for them.

then came the big boss. asked what really happened. then he asked the engineer to follow him to the meeting room. and screw him kaw kaw. dont understand a word he said but from the tone and the shouting.. i knew that he is damn mad.

but then i saw them salams and hug each other.

wah.. so easy to cool off meh !!! amazing

manage to settle those modifications at around 3. hah. minor modification that took us almost half day to settle eh.

over the teh tarik after that. the big boss told me that he need to revise/scrap the project that i’ve been designing for them for the last two months !! he said he wanted to revise as the cost of those things had shoot up and he wanted to scale it down. then he told me to do a concept and present to him on monday at 4 pm as he will be taking a long leave after that.

customer is always right !!!! adehh.

he will be taking a full two week vacation. thats why he needs everything by monday. he also wants me to check/study/design/supply a crane system for their factory. adehhh. 10 tonnes crane neh. who got contacts???? mail me k

customer is always right….

then today (sunday) i text him

salam boss. since u’re taking a long vacation; can u issue us the payments for those that we’ve commisioned. thanks in advance.

and he replied. in a single word.


huhuhuhu. u should see my smiling face at that moment…


9 Responses to “catatan hari sabtu”

  1. hey ya abglong…
    hopefully kata-kata mereka itu dapat dikotakan..
    dapatlahh rezeki lebey nnati..amin ;]

  2. kalau dah senyum lebar tu…elok bagi org keliling sama senyum..huhu…nasib baik saya takde kat msia..kalau ada..sure kena paw…hahaha..gurau ye

  3. Golddiamond Says:

    tumpang senyum gak…

  4. oshkosh Says:

    abanglong nak company bikin crane? i bole rekomen org yg bikin overhead crane utk our company dulu… ndak?

  5. abanglong Says:

    shud – me at the arabs office; waiting for the big boss.. hehe hope can get the much needed small piece of paper tu 🙂

  6. abanglong Says:

    nash- tadek hal 🙂 meh la; makan nasi kat depan post office fasa 1 tu. hehehehe

    gold – timakasih atas senyuman colgate anda 🙂

  7. abanglong Says:

    osh – boleh gaks. email me the numbers k. teh tarik on me 🙂

  8. oshkosh Says:

    ok abanglong, dah send contact number… 🙂

  9. abanglong Says:

    osh – thanks. will contact them.

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