swap the wife !

i read the newspaper (NST) today and i was shocked to know that there were some ‘communities’ in Malaysia who were super advance, super modern – as they thought lah.

Apparently; these few couples would arrange a secret meeting, by invitation only. arranged by ‘host’. they will gather at posh restaurants/hotel for makan makan. wine and dine for the get to know session. normally from four to ten couples.

after the makan, they will adjourn to the host place where more wine will be served. from there each of the guys will make a list of the females. which one they like most, and so on. the women also will make the same list as for the guys.

then the host will match the partners and they were provided a room each.

and she is all yours.

maksudnya, each guys can choose whose wife he would like to sleep with and their wives also could decide which bird they want..literally!

waduuuhhh.. gue kolot. gue tak sangka ada yang sanggup tukar tukar macam ittew.

but according to the article, they intervied one couple. the reason that they gave is quite reasonable. they said its much better than cheating behind each other !

and mostly the couples who registered with them are big shots, successful businessman, profesionals…

age from 30’s to 40’s and some were dah setengah abad pun nak join…

hahaha dah kecut laaa neeek!

entahlah !


8 Responses to “swap the wife !”

  1. oshkosh Says:

    i’ve read the news too… it shocked me, i know this kind of group exist in western country but never expected this would happen here in Malaysia.. i hope this group not having malay/muslim couples joining them coz this would probably become more unbelievable… “Malaysia Boleh”… gosh! what kind of man/woman who want their soul mate having sex with others? hhmmmm, i know… a moron…

  2. abanglong Says:

    osh – modern la kot… gorilla pun tau protect dia punya mates.. geeesssh

  3. oshkosh Says:

    siap ada yg kena herpes… hahahaha padan muka, kalau kena Aids lagi bagus..

  4. abanglong Says:

    osh – tu la. sooner or later there will be swapping their kids oso tu

  5. dunia akhir zaman.. kalau dapat AIDS.. baru puas hati.. dan kalau dibuatnya sedap pulak dgn pasangan baru.. jadi jugak cheating nanti.. pelik pelik diorang ni..

  6. abanglong Says:

    neeza – hahahaha. a very good analogy tu . mintak jauh laa kan.

  7. oshkosh Says:

    yg sedapnya sex nih sebab non-halal… kalu yg halal nih kurang kick pulak… sbb tu ada kes si suami yg buat tak senonoh dgn maid yg hudus buruk.. even bininya lawa jelita… manusia manusia… tak tahu nak bersyukur..

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