dan pagi selasa

arabs – apparently came back from their office at about 8 30 pm. siap jemaah asar and maghrib with him. its confirmed that he reject the first design. all my two months effort gone with the rains huhuhu. but he still needs the project done only on smaller scale though.

payments – he pat on my shoulder and said, my friend; i really apprieciate your supports to us but your price is high laaa! hehehehe. the cheque will be bank in by his staff this morning. yezzzzz.

new job – called a client this morning. that i finally recieved their downpayments for the  upcoming vacuum mould they awarded us few months back. this caring manager asked me whether i’m still okay with the price as all the material price had shoot up and things like that. hehehe nice client neh.

effa – called their top managements and confirmed with them that they will get a letter from my lawyers (which i still dont have any) if they dont settle all the debts soon. i gave them two week time to settle. enuf is enuf rite. ermmm now i need to find a lawyer to assist me hehehehehe. anyone?

office – called the office and checked with the guys what are the latest situation there. updated all the info.

accounts – update all the accounts and confirmed the balance via online banking.

suppliers – reschedule the appointments to tomorrow as i think i wont be in the office today. need to do the designs and i think i nak buat kat umah saja. besides, my son is having is trials for upsr today and rasanya nak catch up with him at lunch.

subcons – asked them to submits the quotations as soon as possible. we had too much things to handle inhouse so i have to assign some sub cons to do some of our jobs.business is picking up and hopefully the much needed payments are coming in also.

me ? i’m still half naked.clad in the towel. lom mandi lagi huhuhuhu.


6 Responses to “dan pagi selasa”

  1. salam abglong…
    woww so many things to do yet so lil time yehh..takpe mudah mudahan dimudahkan urusan oleh Allah.. ;]
    take care ..selamat hari selasa

  2. hehehe.. lom mandi sempat lagi update blog.. takpe, semangat mesti kuat… hehehh..

  3. Golddiamond Says:

    doa banyak-banyak… minta Allah keluarkan dari segala permasalahan dan kesulitan… InsyaAllah… kita kena mintak… baru Allah beri…

  4. abanglong Says:

    shud – biasalah. hidup kena keja 🙂 minyak naik, sumer barang udah naik.bila barang dah naik, darah pun naik. dan bila darah dah naik, ada barang yang kurang naik !

  5. abanglong Says:

    neeza – kerja zaman IT… huhuhuhu

  6. busuknyee!


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