celcom broadband

some one gave me the brand new celcom 3G broadband modem for a week test. he told me that give it a try and put in in your blog. wah! celcom also read my blog meh ??? tochei tochei.

anyway, the usb modem is so easy to use. just cucuk main only. plug and play. software is built in so once you cucuk it will main. click on installation and viola.. it’s ready (provided that you have the sim card inside) there are a few packages offered and those info is in their website 🙂

its a small device, just a size of two condom pack. one drawback is its gonna eat up one of your usb port at your pc. depending on your package it will use 3G or 3.5G though i’m not sure if it can do anything with our gigi.

screen capture – see its shows connected at 3.6Mbps !

Well dont be fooled with the numbers (To my friend – i’m going to be honest. i’ll write base from my pengalaman okeh. will try not to hide anything nor promote. its basically base from my pengalaman)

in reality ist about 0 to 10 Kbps upload/download only. its good for average email and stuff. but if u’re downloading stuffs or viewing pages that furnished with graphics and photos, it’ll take some time! honest. there are some time where download/upload speed is somehow above 50 kbps. line problem ??

then came the some disconnection thinggy. i dont know, maybe its the line, its the modem or what but it seems that somehow it just decide to disconnect itself. not so frequent though but its still not gud okeh. ermm it gets hot too! an aircon room might solve the problem.

as you can see, this modem is pretty handy. it gets the power from the notebook and a simple click will let you get connected. practically you can berinternet anywhere as long as there is celcom coverage. just bring your lappy. errr its also can connect to your desktop pc but i’m not so cool of the idea. i mean you dont take your desktop pc anywhere with u rite!

all in all; its a good device. with the subscription of about rm100 per month (depending on your package) i still can consider a value for money. there are some housing/office area that are still dont have a landline to connect; then this is a thing for you. for those who frequently on the move and need a connection, this should be considered. though we have hotspots around but having this device in your bag will make sure you would not be in the darkness if you cant find any free wifi’s.

but if u were a super duper heavy internet junkie, online gamers, well… i dont really advice you on this.


16 Responses to “celcom broadband”

  1. I used the Celcom bluecube.. don’t know whether it is similar.. but quite satisfied with its performance

  2. coverage yang mungkin menjadi masalah…dan rm100 untuk < 1Mbps…kaya ye org Msia…

  3. harga dia berapa ek??

  4. oshkosh Says:

    i’m using Maxis Broadband… it work just fine.. i’ve notice the diff in speed when i’m out of Klang Valley… coverage thingy I guess…

  5. Farzilah Says:

    promote baik punya yer… makin sayang ler celcom pd abglong!

  6. abanglong Says:

    sya – yeah its similar. the bluecube enables you to use yr sim card for making/recieving calls/sms although masa tu u online

  7. abanglong Says:

    nash – bukan kaya tapi tak ada pilihan. maka terpaksalah hidup dizaman tok kadok neh walaupun dikenakan bayaran yang tak setimpal

  8. abanglong Says:

    neeza – ermmmm less thanrm100/month but contract 12 or 18 months, not sure

    osh – yeah, i guess it depends on the coverage.density of ppl using the network etc.i got a friend, he return back the maxis modem after few days of usage due to siput speed.

  9. abanglong Says:

    farzilah – takde promotenya hehehe. i just write apa yg berlaku hehehehe

  10. abanglong Says:

    ehhh mana komen orang kuning ??

  11. satos sbln?

    baek g mkn!

    mkn sapai meletop perot!


  12. currently using celcom broadband ‘at&t sierra wireless’.. similar like urs but diff shape and brand kut. so far ok la just dat, realize coverage kat town area mcm teruk sgt compare to senawang and port dickson. still wonder..wonder?? plus.. emm why ya celcom mcm ada hidden charges je sumtimes.. cos rm69/mth blh jadi rm80++ kadang2.

  13. abanglong Says:

    hummy – yeah. baik p banja abanglong kan !! baked crab…. besttttt. okeh ?

  14. abanglong Says:

    julia – sama la tu kot. service provider still celcom. pasal charge tu; pakcik tak tau hehehehe

  15. ari tu aku daftar celcom broadband tapi ejen tu x telus,diaorg copy aku punya dokumen dan submit utk pascabayar celcom dan jual sim kad kat org lain.tau2 aku dapat bil satu yg broadband dan satu lg pascabayar

  16. iam using celcom broadband usb coz HAVE TO. Where I am staying xde coverage wireless broadband maxis ke jaring ke or whatever. so like it or not kenalah guna but so far other than their customer service sucks, connectivity oklah walaupun 1 bar under utms (3g). hanya ill try to limit my calls to their customer service ppl, they suck. technical will get back to u in 48hrs. Maxis their technical is online terus. senang, but my area maxis broadband xde.

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