kangkung, terung dan petola

in my early years of marriage, having two kids at that time wo dont have an indonesian helper at home. so the kids were left at ‘rumah ibu’. a very nice couple with 4 growing kids. they were wonderful and very loving towards our pair of kids. even in weekends they would still wanted to go to the rumah ibu !

these couple, with the wife is a full time housewife while the husband was working with some forwading company as a driver. the company went bankrup resulting the hubby jobless. he then ventures into pasar malam things, he jual sayur there.

so each and every morning, he would go to the pasar borong to get the stocks. at around 3 to 4 he then will gerak to various pasar malams around the town each and every night except one or two malam yang tak ada pasar malam. the wife will join him after maghrib prayers.

these keeps going untill we were blessed with more kids and could not afford their services anymore. having 3 growing kids resulting almost rm700 per month just for the jaga budak only. so we take the indo helper and we sadly had to stop sending our angels there. we then move to our current house now.

but we still maintain the friendship. once a while we still visit them. let the kids jumpa them and things like that. any kenduri we were still invited and so on.

last weekend, me and maklong were at their house. this time business visit. i explained to them about the unit trust and bla bla bla.

fifteen minutes of explaination; they agreed to invest.

total investment ? RM 70k. cash!! – the next morning i ikut them to the asn counter to transfer the money!! i saw their buku pelaburan…..

mak ai!!!!! kalau aku tau camtu; takmo eh aku buat engineering neh… tak yah pening pening. ratus ribu tuu saving they all. no income tax. no need laptops, no need office, all terms cash !! they invest 15k each for the hubby and wife and their 4 kids get 10k each as initial investments. they said they will wait and see; if the unit trust things ni ok, they will top up more!

and its just from jual sayur…

kangkung, terung dan petola !!!!


7 Responses to “kangkung, terung dan petola”

  1. my late father used to said.. bisnes makanan ni memang tak rugi… sebab org makan hari-hari…. yg penting jaga kebersihan, jaga quality & jgn menipu… hmmm… short and wise…

    I used to asked this street kebab sellers kat kalan TAR… saja gatal mulut tanya.. masa tu plak I ni muda remaja … student… sweet lagi… i asked him berapa dia get per day jual kebab… he said kalau habis daging kebab… dia boleh dapat almost 1K… bulat mata kejap… nasib baik boypren kat sebelah hahahahha…
    eh terpanjang lak.. boleh buat entry ni… hahaha

  2. Nice writing. You are on my RSS reader now so I can read more from you down the road.

    Allen Taylor

  3. bestnya.. ratus ribu tuuu.. ada hikmah dia kena buang kerja kan.. kalau tidak, mesti dia masih ditakuk lama..
    tapi takpe abanglong, tu rezeki dia. rezeki abanglong di bidang ni.. Insyaallah, 10 years from now, dalam buku ASB abanglong pulak ada jutaan RM.. who knows kan!

  4. uishoo~

    jom banglong!

    kite bisnes ikan masen!

  5. abanglong Says:

    mama – betul tu. cuma org keja bisnes makanan neh penat sikit la and tak leh cuti. ingat lagi masa student time dulu, time raya haji punya la siksa. those kedau siam n kelantan tu kan raya haji; raya sakan ! kita cuti sehari they all cuti dua minggu rite!!
    errr sib baik boipren cool, kalau idak ada yg mandi sos tomato ari tu hahahahaha

  6. Farzilah Says:

    market share down ler skrg ni… takat nak invest for long period ok ler… kalau nak 3-6 months payah ler nak dapat untung besar… time to buy but nor too sell…

  7. abanglong Says:

    farzilah – yeaaaah. anda nak melabur ???? huhuhuhu.

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