business – an update


i’ve sent a simple love letter to them last week. since then; i never heard from the account people. i went to their parent group and complaint to the head of accounts there. he was really surprised knowing that the still didnt pay me the things we did in august, 07. yeaaah rite… terkejut la konon

then after a few days i sent a love letter demanding all the balance. in the letter that i faxed to both office, i demand the payment to be settled by end of this month. i told them that i’m in the final stage of taking legal actions.

one of my friends inside there told me that the managements really pissed off with my actions but in a way, they ordered everything to be cleared before the due date.

i dont know, i do hope that i would get the cheque by end of the months lor !!!

the arabs

since the big boss is on leave; i still didnt get the cheque they promised. the boss already instruct the account manager to release the cheque. but till now, habuk pun tarak. when i called them; money yet to be transferred from dubai la, currency lom convert la, bank yet to notify the clearance laaa and bla bla bla….

i tried to called the boss but his handphone is off. maybe cuti sakan.

chehhhhhh….. previously their payments was prompt. i even get the 50% downpayment before i did the jobs. but now, jobs sumer dah finished but still tak nampak bayang!!!!

dugaan dugaan !

apparently i read from a blog of a cyber friend; he also recently ventured into business. (i shall not reveal his blog add here until i get his permission.)i’m not saying that i’m damn good in business; but i’ve given him few words of advise that i would like to share here.

i told him, in business is like archery. memanah.

in order to get the arrow to go really fast and far; we need to tarik the tali ke belakang rite. and memang susah nak tarik tali tu. so, the more we tarik the more far the arrow will go and more laju it is.

so in businees, tarik tali kebelakang is considered modal. the modal tu can be in many forms. be it in our pengorbanan, masa, tenaga, fikiran, keluarga and so on. we also terpaksa  utamakan keperluan dari kehendak. contohnya ada payment masuk… well we cant simply joli katak tengok duit tu. cant simply terus tukar keta renovate rumah tambah bini etc.

we also need to prepare ourselves mentally to survive all those hantu hantu in business (remember unta?? ) and so on.

and all these ‘modal’ ni tak ada kayu pengukurnya……

dan modal, bukan sahaja bermaksud wang ringgit. it will go far beyond that.

so my friend, i will always doa kan moga u berjaya. start from small but always think big !!!



2 Responses to “business – an update”

  1. tq for the tips…haha..manala tahu lepas ni tergerak hati nak buat business…

  2. abanglong Says:

    nash – bagus… teruskan usaha.

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