ceti mintak utang

these are some of the excuses my clients talk cock to me when i asked for the payments… read on

documents hilang

the alliens somehow kidnap the documents. DO, INVOICE,GRN and semua documents related to the payments. most of the time it was the documents that i re submitted; certified tru copy; sent by hand!. so need to sent again and have to wait again

engineering tak submit forms

they need to match goods recieve notes from engineering dpt. to match with the invoices. and secara tiba tiba their engineering departments are relocated to antartika which would take twenty eight years to deliver anything.

DO from recieving tak dapat

again, the delivery need to be signed by those recieving ppl which were all tak ada tangan and kaki. so they could not sent the signed documents to accounts.

boss tak sign

boss maybe too miskin to buy a pen to sign the cheque. dakwat pen dah habis so takleh nak sign chek la kaan!!

check dah ready tapi satu signature lagi belum sign

this is a problem when they need two signature on one cheque. one dah sign but the other one tu maybe ikut syed muzafar g holiday kat space.pastu takdek tiket, so kena tunggu next available flight la

boss tak masuk office

the boss might be forgotten the jalan to office. so he tak jumpa his office and tak leh masuk office. tak masuk office maka tak leh sign chek!

boss cuti

cuti boss terlalu banyak. aside from two months leave, he must take another cuti on alternate weekdays. damn busy laa the boss !

documents atas meja boss

maybe meja boss was too crowded with the documents,papers,porno,tenders,spec sheets etc. so he could not use his table anymore.maka dokument payment takleh sign

accounts tak masuk office

maybe their account guys have to work as a security guard at nights, maka bila siang they all penat and tak dapat masuk office.

HQ belum approve

hq had the final say in everthing. they even decide what underwear color u must wear.so if they dont approve means dont approve.

payments in progress

they live in sub zero temperature. so all the pergerakan is damn slow due to kesejukan. nak pass one documents to other department would requires 20 million calories. so lambat la kan

call back next week

this one quite famous. berapa banyak next week they all have i also dont know. next week next week next week

end of the week

they live in a new planet. satu minggu they all bersamaan lima bulan kat earth.

dah courier

apparently they assigned a courier service based in nigeria which had a storage office in remote area of sudan. so; it would take five months to get a letter from shah alam to puchong.

accounts cuti

the accounts ppl must be working hell out of themselves. so they need to cuti on every mondays, teusdays and wednesdays.thursdays and fridays they MC coz they really tired.

cheque book habis

maybe we need to talk to the banks or bank negara should issue a statements to all banks in malaysia. apparently, all banks in malaysia issue a cheque book yang only ada 2 keping cheque. if habis the book, my customers ni need to do a declaration to BPR, kastam, rela, JAWI, penghulu kampung and to get approval dari pemandu teksi in order to apply new cheque books from the banks..

dakwat printer habis

this one, aku nak gelak ada aku nak marah pun ada. time nak print documents utk payment, secara tiba tiba semua printer, network printer,laser printer dekat office tu habis dakwat !!!!

officer dah resign

staff turn over rate is high la. so every ten minutes a new account guy akan start kerja and resigned. dia baru kerja so dia tak tau lagi about past documents.

i’ll call you back

hah! jangan harap. maybe the company prepaid phone dah takdek credit dah.

need to add more ???


14 Responses to “ceti mintak utang”

  1. biasa la tu abanglong… manusia.. nak seribu daya… tak nak seribu dalih… gitula..

    eh? Puchong? Kat mana tu?

  2. thanks for the tips….patutla dulu kerja kat company tu ada one dept called debts collector…huhu…susah nak control cash flow kan bila semua lambat….sabar…sabar..

  3. Farzilah Says:

    hahaha… i used to tell my our vendor this reason bro…

    “check dah ready tapi satu signature lagi belum sign”…

    butttt… its tru tau… we are good paymaster, but biasa le… JV company kan.

    sabar ya… i pun mcm you gak dulu, time practice… bila nak buka file cepat jer client nak, bila nak kutip payment… ya allah… mcm nak minta sedekahhhh… sabar jer lah….

  4. memang pun kalau dia tak nak bagi, macam2 alasan dia bagi. apalah susah sangat cakap, saya takde duit lagi nak bayar.. tak yah panjang cerita kan.. tapinya, business nak.. apalah diorang ni.. suka buat naye orang..

  5. caya lah abg long.. these are the lame excuses yg patut dibukukan sbg panduan ppl in bisnes… so they wont easily get tertipu..

  6. abanglong Says:

    mamarawks – tang seribu dalih tu yang tak tahan tu. those payments la yg determined our survival in business… time order barang… perghhhhh ! puchong ? ermmmm nak banja abanglong kat restoran ayam kampung ker ? hehehe

  7. abanglong Says:

    nash – hehehe.. mmg ada debt collectors neh. along along pun pakai. tu yg sampai kena simbah cat, or even sampai kena bunuh tu

  8. abanglong Says:

    farzilah – we who ventures in this line, mmg mengharapkan payments. sbb those payments la yg digunakan utk bayar gaji staff, rentals, bills, etc etc etc. takdek payment camana nak handle ??

  9. abanglong Says:

    neeza – memang ada golongan golongan yang liat time nak membayar. tapi ada juga yang memang tak dapat nak bayar at that particular time. tapi apa nak buat, hutang tetap hutang hehehe

  10. abanglong Says:

    julia – hahaha lets called it unwriten law in business… hermmm okeh tu !!!

  11. oshkosh Says:

    accounts… mati idup semula pun i tak rela ‘dok’ tempat tu… mesti pandai jadi tai-chi sifu hahahahaha 🙂

  12. uits.. ayam kampung…cam dekat je bunyik!

  13. abanglong Says:

    osh – hahahaha. badan kena tough pastu musti takder perikemaknusiaan la kan.

  14. abanglong Says:

    mama – dekat? leh banja aaaa huhuhuhuhuh

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