cerita khamis

a sweet banker

finally met her over lunch yesteday. beautiful n energetic person. learn some important things from her – ceria selalu and regular exercise keeps a youth look. i trust you on that! me kenyang sampai petang!


one of my regular customer called for quotation. material cost is rm2 per piece. plus fabrication and heat treatment; i qoute him rm48. he said ok. then after a while; he called back. asking for some reduction. i told him, okeh rm30.  then he called back a few minutes after that.. told me that his boss asking for rm18/piece as he said another supplier can do at that price

i told him; sorry. if they can do. let them do at that price. mine, our quality and services justified why we quote rm 30

he ordered 200 unit.



my supplier delivered the goods that i ordered with him. asked him to do some TIG welding.  the delivery was made when i wasnt around. when i saw it… damn pissed off. called him to take it back… keja macam budak baru belajar. reject !

never compromise on quality !!! thats important in business.


they banked in their payments. to staff.. esok boss kasi gaji awal!!! hehehe

malam jumaat

takdok rejeki la. miahahahahaha


13 Responses to “cerita khamis”

  1. thanks for dropping by at my site. Nice blog you have. your write up about this price discount is something I use to experience. Very true. But now price hike, kamu tak affected ke bila buat quotation ?

  2. ibukumbang Says:

    hehe BOSS bayar awai ni… bagusss! baguss! semoga sukses dan jangan takut dengan cabaran.. semoga jadi melayu yang berjaya..

  3. kenyang smpai petng… kalu selalu mcm tu… tak kempis la poket!

  4. Salam ziarah & salam kenal…

    best woo gaji awal, tapi kesian lerr takde rezeki mlm jumaat (jgn marah yea akak gurau2 jerr)

  5. Farzilah Says:

    huuuu… bestnya dapat gaji awal…

  6. takdok rejeki malam jumaat sebab dah dapat rejeki hari khamis tuu 😉

  7. abanglong Says:

    kbguy – thanks. this blog is where i express what i want to express hehehe.as for the price hike nih, i do make reports and present to clients.material dah naik, cost ni dah naik and bla bla bla. ada yg paham and accept our price increase tapi ada gak yang cakap, supplier lain boleh bagi rendah; apasal you tak leh maintain harga…..

  8. abanglong Says:

    ibukumbang – terima kasih.doakan kami moga sukses sentiasa. doa kawan kawan ni berkat!

  9. abanglong Says:

    kuina – hahaha. bagus kan dizaman inflasi neh.

  10. abanglong Says:

    akak – huhuhuhu.rezeki kita ni mmg telah tertulis. tinggal kena usaha jer.hehe

  11. abanglong Says:

    neeza – alhamdulillah 🙂 syukur atas segala kurniaanNya

  12. mlm jumaat tade rejeki..

    mlm laen ade!


  13. abanglong Says:

    hummy – rezeki jangan di tolak !

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