i emailed the CEO of a company. this company is a famous automaker and the brand were well accepted in Malaysia/world. in my mail, i briefly explained about my company and our specialities. and i asked him since we’ve been in automotive business for quite sometime; i would like to meet him to present about our company.

well; this is one of the trade secret my friends. of course the CEO wont attend a bilis bilis like me. but if he is interested with our short explaination about us; he WILL assign another staff to entertain us. and during the meeting, since we’re recomended by the CEO, the staff will somehow shows a bit respect to us! trust me…

The CEO replied and ask me to come next teusday at 10pm and he assigned one of his managers to see me.

cool !

what i want to share with you is this….. that CEO, from his mail… is written at 7 15 am ! meaning that he really do his job. and his ‘office’ hours start as early as 7 am…

you tell me, mana ada CEO GLC’s yg dah bangun kol 7 ????


11 Responses to “CEO”

  1. Abang long mula berniaga cari rezeki jam 4 pagi.

  2. yg tu patut dicontohi.. tulis sikit nama dia kat paper biar orang lain ikut heheheh…

  3. ibukumbang Says:

    hehe bagus sesangat…

  4. abanglong Says:

    Abang long – itu lah. kita yang bilis bilis ni, keja bagai nak giler. start awal and habis punya lah lewat. dan kebiasaanyya makin tinggi jawatan, makin kuranglah kerja. tapi not in this ceo punya case. rasa rasanya, dia masuk lebih awal dari most of his staff tu. satu contoh yg baik rite.

  5. abanglong Says:

    Neeza – hehehe. tak der pun kesah kesah nak pakai E200 kompressor instead of V6 hahahahaha

  6. abanglong Says:

    ibukumbang – hehe. contoh teladan yang baik tu. mana yg baik kita ikut yer tak.anyhow, selamat datang 🙂 first time nampak kat sini rite…

  7. salam abg long..lama tak ke mari..sihat ker? setiap org yg kuat berusaha, pasti dapat ganjarannya InsyaAllah

  8. yeke abglong..tah tah CEO co saya tak..sebab asal saya sampai even kol 8 pun saya tgk dah terang dah bilik dia 🙂

  9. Farzilah Says:

    mmg tak der…. but my CEO bgn cepat tau… kul 8 dah kena ada opisss… tak percaya?

  10. abanglong Says:

    arsaili – hi… lama tak nampak. sehat sokmo deh 🙂

  11. abanglong Says:

    naja – hehehe. dia lupa tutup lampu time balik petang semalam tu kot!

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