its all about work

its now almotst 7 in the evening. i’m still in the office. the production boys are still doing the machining things.

alhamdulillah; the business is picking despite the economic downturn.

but – it tax my life like crazy. i’ve to spent hours each and every night in front of this laptop to designs. i’ve got a new automation project assigned by one electronic giants. they wanted to beef up their output but they wont spent/expand their workforce, so the answer is automation.

i’ve got two automation designs concurrently. there is the vacuum mould still un finished. the pak arabs design still at 70% completion. the mpv projects also need my attentions and such.

office daily things i also need to take care.

i need to see the clients, entertaint their request and their needs

i need to arrange all the suppliers, orderings, payments and delivery needs to telly with our requests.

i also need to sweet talk those who mintak hutangs

i also need to chase all those payments

and i also need to find new markets and new ventures!

ayyoo… sungguh giler kuasa aku ini ! hiks

doakan moga abanglong tabah dan berjaya mengharungi cabaran ini…….


6 Responses to “its all about work”

  1. chaiyok chaiyok..
    wish u bess of luck..
    be a gud leader..
    and dont forget to appreciate ur employees..

  2. abanglong Says:

    fr – mekasih 🙂 my employees? ermm i’m nothing without them !

  3. “gila kuasa” kat company sendiri takpe…yg tak ok nye…gila kuasa kat company org dan ingat bapak dia yg punya..huhu

  4. abanglong patut dengar lagu ‘mabuk’ by spider hehehehe…

  5. abanglong Says:

    nash – hahaha. ramai tuuu. ingat kompeni baaapaaak dia punya !

  6. abanglong Says:

    osh – ermmm nanti abglong cuba donlod

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