permintaan kaum ibu

i was on my way to the appointment with the client in bangi when i recieve text from timbalan menteri dalam negeri… yang, malam ni date ok!

i just text her back. ok. driving now.

(yes.. i do sms while driving huhuhuhu)

during the meeting, i were presenting my concept design for the clients. they asked me to design some automation system for the packing station. intending to reduce manpower and to decrease tag time for the process. simple concept actually. using pneumatic, stepper motor,vacuum, plc and others. its just that i a bit stuck at some process that need some device to lipat the kotak. banyak sgt perimiter kena consider and i sendiri tak berapa yakin the concept at that station !

tapi, hentam jer la labu. ayat biar power hehehehe.

the engineer is quite satisfied and that somehow agak merisaukan me. buatnya the concept to tak menjadi… maut pakcik kena lipat masuk kotak! hehehe

then another engineer from a different department called me for a short meeting. explained to him what i do and what were the services that we provide. talk about past projects and past experiences in engineering.

bla bla bla.

tengok tengok dah 6 30 pm.

keluar that kilang at almost 7pm dah.

sampai umah. solat maghrib and terus kuar. just the two of us. basically, i mmg dah penat and personally agak reluctant tu kuar, but since promise is promise, and its the permintaan kaum ibu; gue pegi lah.

gi dinner, some window shopping and gi tengok muvi. citer mummy tu. for me citer tu biasa jer lah. takder lah best giler.


one of the scenes in the muvi inspires me how to settle my problem for my designs hehehehe. if u’ve watched the movie; its the scene when one of the guy terpijak secret switch and suddenly ada automatic weapon yg shoot the arrows tu.

its the rolling mechanism yg trigger me. yeah… i could use the same idea for my designs !! YEAHHH.

moral of story; jangan abaikan permintaan kaum ibu ! ngeh ngeh ngeh.


12 Responses to “permintaan kaum ibu”

  1. ibukumbang Says:

    wah… sebsb sebelum pegi ngok muvi tu semayang maghrib. Tu yang tuhan bagi ilham.. hehe

  2. berkat sayang isteri tuuuuu…
    by the way, happy birthday to ella pajilla.. apa papa bagi untuk ella hari ni??

  3. pemintaan kaum anak2 cane plak?

    anak nak mintak cendol pulot ni!


  4. itu dah semestinya…dengar permintaan isteri per intaan abanglong juga nanti tidak akan diabaikan….hehehehe…tau sudah!

  5. Alex Lacey Says:

    memang kena bahagiakan isteri baru la kepala pun lapang hehehe….

    hepi birthday ella pajila…semua Ogos yek? Saya punya anak no. 5 ni pun Ogos gak…12 haribulan nanti…

  6. ur wife is who?

    ha?!!!!! (dengan mulut ternganga ok..)

  7. Farzilah Says:

    wattttttt?…. pe kena mengena mummy muvi n permintaan kaum ibu?… ngarut ler

  8. abanglong Says:

    ibukumbang – agaknya la kot 🙂

    neeza – ella mintak kasut tumit tinggi hahahahaha

  9. abanglong Says:

    hummy- cendol pulut? jom aaaa 🙂

    waliz – hahahahaha. nanti kena panjangkan permintaan dan harapan itu. miahahaha

  10. abanglong Says:

    alex – ramainya besday augustus ni

  11. abanglong Says:

    nurul – tak paham…

  12. abanglong Says:

    farzilah – permintaan kaum ibu – untuk pergi jalan jalan,makan makan n menonton muvi. masa tengok muvi itu timbul satu idea yang boleh menyelesaikan masalah tempat kerja…

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