help needed

i was awarded to fabricate a vibration machine by one of the japanese firms in s alam. the machine needs to use vibration generator motor. is there anyone out there had any information about this vibration generator ?? search in the net; vibration, vibrator etc memberi result yang 18sx hue hue hue.

thanks in advance!


13 Responses to “help needed”

  1. Golddiamond Says:

    sorry tak leh tolong. tolong nyibuk, boleh le. hehehehe
    doa banyak-banyak. minta Allah beri ilham. Ala, cam ce ye nun aliff tu bukan pandai sangat pun. Masa interview/meeting cakap tahu je. Lepas tu depa dok posak-posak gak.

  2. hehehe! the only thing i know that vibrate is my hp… others i donno lor….

  3. what u need abanglong?? kalau pasal vibrating conveyor i rasa ada lagi simpan drawing…

  4. hmmm… vibration generator??? i dunno la ada ke vibration generator motor tapi basicly bukan ke boleh mechanically fabricate? pakai motor the u connect mechanically to a shaft with imbalance mass?

  5. abanglong Says:

    gold – hehehehe betul gak tu. promosi jer lebih.

  6. abanglong Says:

    farzilah – yeah. i’ve seen a clip of it.the owner makes full use of the vibrating handphone….

  7. abanglong Says:

    osh – one project, normally they use it at screw feeder. now kena design utk table plak. vibrate table tu utk inset components dlm part.

  8. hmm… basicly macam vibration screen eh?? check this site abanglong, maybe can use the idea –>

  9. hahaha…

  10. abanglong Says:

    osh – thanks friend. anyhow, one supplier/dealer from puchong already met me yesterday.. awaiting for the technical specs.

  11. abanglong Says:

    farzilah – hehehe… ehh mana pass ut 20hb neh ??

  12. lorrrr… new jazz jer le… nak ker? jom joint as our supplier…

  13. […] client mangkuk we were awarded to design and fabricate a vibrator machine few months back. after almost two weeks jadi zombie designing; i finally complete designing it and […]

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