bargaining ? i’m lost

venue : pasar malam

victim : karipap mini

i was at the pasar malam when i came across one makcik selling karipap mini. the small karipap stuffed with serunding daging. it was one of my favourite snack and so does ella pajilla

price : rm9 per pack

two for home and one for me to wallup at office. so i asked,

3 bungkus rm25 boleh kak ?

she smiled

3 bungkus, rm20 jer lah !!.

uish….. hehehe. gue surrender ! rm 20 it is.


5 Responses to “bargaining ? i’m lost”

  1. kalau neeza.. dah mintak.. 3 bungkus 15 boleh?? hahaha!!!

  2. Wah… bagus bisnes camni.

  3. neeza – hahaha. thats exactly what my maklong said. hehehe

    memAluya – plus the karipap is very the sedap. try pegi lagi, makcik tu dah tak niaga. maybe she ada port lain time ramadhan ni.

  4. bagus… tu ler org melayu kita!

  5. napa tak ckp..kalau 20 jer ..saya kena bargain 15 ey..ahahah

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