merdeka ?

i was on my way home from a clients factory. it was about 9 pm. all the roads towards kl seems like a huge carparks. slow and snail moving cars. jammed.

almost all channels aired the live coverage of the celebration. i dont really understand and its not my cup of tea though. even i’m paid 1k just to be there, together with the crowds and sheering merdeka merdeka at the struct of midnight, i wont. its not that i’m against the spirit of merdeka or anything; its just the whole concept is not allign with me.

each and every year, they wait for the clock to tick… and then jerit merdeka or whatsoever. i never be there, but from the tv; i’m sure those who attends are those who has bin or binti as their middle name ! some came with their small kids and some came with their teenage daughters… so very semangat kebangsaan.

each and every year; i can read the khalwat case suddenly on the rise after these events. we can read about how cheap hotels were fully booked by those youngsters to celebrate… MERDEKA !

i dont know… its just not my cup of tea…

its just a demokrasi…its not against the law rite.


5 Responses to “merdeka ?”

  1. Not my cuppa tea either.

    Pun tak faham kenapa lah rajin nak bersesak-sesak sebab nak mengira jam. dapat dowit ke?

    Sure Heboh lagi satu? Wat so heboh??

  2. same here abanglong… never imagined myself to celebrate Merdeka at Dataran or anywhere else.. i hate congested places… lagi2 nak bawak anak bini keluar sampai tgh2 malam buta???

    dok umah… play C&C Generals… boleh bayangkan sket2 how it was like during war time… (sket je.. yg lain semua brutal killing.. no mercy.. kill3)

  3. mem – entah. thats y i tak paham. apa yg seronot sangat tu. pastu pemimpin n kerajaan lak menggalakkan ! ishhhh….

    osh – dok umah, layan kopi o ngan beskut tawar. tengok tv, lagi syok. gi dataran ka, mana kaa… bukan esoknya depa bagi pangkat dato’ ka tan sri ka…. betoi tak !

  4. emmmm.. me tooo… in my opinon that not the way to celebrate merdeka nite. its just not rite.

    rasanya kalau negara tercinta ni kena serang, depa yang ramai2 kat dataran tu nak pertahankan tak? emmmmm????

  5. farzilah – huhuhu… kita sumer telah dibudayakan dengan budaya celebration camtu…. jangan sampai satu ketika nanti, ada golongan yang berkumpul didataran merdeka, tunggu detik 12 malam and jerit- yey… esok hari raya!!
    nauzubillah !

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