new honda city

from my mailbox.

a friend of mine, attached with honda thailand informs me about the new honda city launched in thailand. slightly bigger and wider but less height. cool. kat malaysia ? coming soon i pressume !


14 Responses to “new honda city”

  1. lawa …

    tapi buleh tengok jer lah

    sebab tahu tak mampu

    hu hu hu

  2. lepas thailand dan indonesia, baru deme sampai ke negara kita…

    maybe, purchasing power kita tak sepower mereka… ataupun save the best for last! heheheheheh

    kena positive!

  3. how much the price ?

    170 millions rupiah ???


    it’s cheap

  4. pB – mana tau… saja takmo ! hehehehe. nice and comey tu. mmg padae ngan pB 🙂

  5. nurul – power of dreams hahahahaha.

  6. killer – ermmm i dont really know about the price hehehe

  7. pacer – it sure did. much better than the previos model

  8. emmm… wat a nice car! look like 2PX a bit…. inside look like civic a bit. should call this car ‘cicord’ hahaha!

  9. farzilah – haha… masuk the contest for memberi nama for the coming mpv then !

  10. Dr. J. Venkateswara Rao Says:

    It looks good with an overall attractive appearance, much better than the previous model. After looking the present shape and known features from earlier Honda City ZX VTEC Plus, I am very much fascinated to purchase this car instead of New Toyota Corolla Altis. Is there any chance to become owner before October 2008 ?
    J. Venkateswara Rao, Scientist, Indian Institute of Chemical Technology, Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh

  11. I think it looks better than the Civic that they sell in the US. I wonder how it stacks up to one though.


  13. Dr – thanks for visiting my blog 🙂 In my opinion; the car is not the same leage as the altis. the direct comparism is the vios. altis is at the same catagory with the civic…

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