cerita jumaat

was a bit hectic these few days;thus not much time to update this blog. went to meet two new potential clients. current economic situations does not allow us businessmen to sit back and relax. we ought to think way forward and we also need to be mo aggressive in business. all in the sake of survival…..

my main customers came from automotives and electronics sectors. the two which will be badly hurt by the current wave. thus; if i’m still in my comfort zone and still cling to those guys; my company will eventually suffer and might not survive in this cats eats friskies world.

so; i turn to agricultural sector. i contacted all the relevant agencies. i called companies involved.i emailed persons who makes decisions in agriculture and so on.i attend social functions, seminars and any activities that i could distribute my name cards. promosi promosi…

it took me about two months.

i just met a new potential clients and present all those yada yada yada. briefs those old guys with big belly in suits about our capabilites. i present our services and our commitments for them. and i also talk about our experience and expertise.

alhamdulillah… those guys in suits and ties seems interested with us.

for a start; they asked us to quote for them some machines. apparently; they had done some research and the’ve come out with a special machine that could help our farmers. the machines was displayed during the last MAHA and they’ve got orders for 40 units of it.

talk about rezeki…. they said that they were looking for machine maker to fabricate, test and deliver those machines for their clients. their current machine makers were overloaded with other projects and we busy till mid of next year. then i called them…. alhamdulillah.

though now its just a very early stage; just the introduction and the quotation stage; i’m happy. i might or might not get the job. but at least i knew that i’m on the right track…..

these might be the berkats from all your doa’s. thank u my friends. doakan moga abanglong berjaya.. i luv u all.


7 Responses to “cerita jumaat”

  1. Salam ziarah. Terima kasih kerana mengunjungi blog saya.

    Semoga sukses dlm bisnes baru itu…

  2. i bet you’re on your way bang long..

    all the best yek..!

  3. Hohoho. Sukses yah!

    Nanti kita gi makan cendoi!!

  4. abanglong Says:

    akuni – tima kasih 🙂

  5. abanglong Says:

    putu – thanks a lot.

  6. abanglong Says:

    mem – hehehe.. cendol n laksa ekk. kena ricky la tempat tu. mmg dah tutup masa lalu last time.

  7. sentiasa mendoakan kejayaan abglong… amin…

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