voice mail

maklongs office phone system is super canggih one. got her pre recorded voice greeting to ask a caller to leave name and numbers for her to call back

its sound like this

hi..this is xxxxx. please leave your name and number and i will call u back…thank you

hehehe not so creative la her!

then; one day i leave her the message. i called her office in the middle of night and of course her recording yg jawb.

hi..this is xx. i’m your husband and i love you.

that makes her smiles for the whole day!!!

guys;should try that !!! call and leave msg on yr spouse/gal phones


25 Responses to “voice mail”

  1. wah..bery the romantika de amor..

  2. ohh thts soo sweet of u…
    sure maklong dok blushing blushing tuhh.. ;]

  3. hahaha..!! so romantic..!

  4. so rooooomantic lah !

  5. hahaha!

    ni jeles ni!


  6. huhaaa….tabik la abg long!

  7. waaaa… so romanticccc….

  8. Kenapa ABANG Long tefon MAK Long??

    Isk isk isk! Sungguh tak achee occay 😀

  9. fr – hehehehe

  10. shud – dia was smiling all day long 🙂

  11. wah komain pandai lg abglong jek kaklong ek 😀

  12. ha ahlah.. masa nak komen baru pasan.. dah abis komen ternampak pulak komen mem, betullah… tak aci betul ABG long ngan MAK long!!

  13. sweetnya…….

  14. abanglong Says:

    putu – miahahahaha. sesekali wat kezutan 🙂

  15. abanglong Says:

    pB – uich…chenta hati kawe tuuu. hehehe. its just sometimes its seems harder to express….

  16. abanglong Says:

    sri kebakat – thanks

  17. abanglong Says:

    hummy – jangan jeless… anda boleh call si dia itu sekarang juga.. hehehe

  18. abanglong Says:

    mm – mekasiih

  19. abanglong Says:

    farzilah – mekasihhhh 🙂

  20. abanglong Says:

    mem – hahahahaha… opssss

  21. abanglong Says:

    gee – 🙂

  22. abanglong Says:

    nurul – kadang kadang ada gak hot and spicy ! hehehe

  23. hot and spicy?

  24. awh!! sweetnyeeeee!

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