bila boss berbicara

these few days; i reach the office very early. i.e. boss sendiri bukak kilang. reached there mostly around 7 30 am and i would leave/lock the office around 9pm.

why ?

work wise; theres is not much going now. we’ve completed most of the major projects and almost all are delivered and commissioned. tunggu payment only. though there are few yg still kena rework and touch up here and there. its all still under control. there is a few orders from an international auto part maker. ni baru proses berkenal kenalan and they just give us small small job just to test our capabilities.. hope when we’ve gained their trust; they would award us those big chunks of projects; insyaAllah (read BMW 523i….)

designs ? one client actually interested to award us one project. to design some automation system for their factory. its me who were a bit reluctant. i dont really trust their company. previous track record agak menggerunkan in terms of payments. if small payments pun delay; how they could afford to pay/settle big amounts rite!

financial ? its a bit crucial time again. few days ago; one my main client issued us a cheque that bounce. so very the crazy. its a big company summore.up till now i still cant get the exact info on why the cheque was returned be it their unsufficient balance or technical error ( yo maybank… you dont helping me much here dude!!) some payments are due end of this week and some due end of next month. dont know; hope they could pay in time lor. was planning to issue some bonuses to all the staff as a token of appreciation to them. yeah.. without them i’m nobody!

so why ?

i came early to think.

i need to have a clear vision and forward thinking strategy to survive and to strike during these economic slowdown.i’ve to be prepare with new tactics, i need to have many backup plans and i need to have a sexy secretary tons of energy to work harder.

one of my strategy is to employ more staff. mostly will think; wallau neh this adi very crazy one.. economic down lay of ppl and this bugger still employ new staffs.. dig own grave ahh ??

thats their point of view.

my point of view is; its an unspoken, unwritten positive publicity to my company. others are shrinking and yet this small company is growing during this turmoil. what would potential clients/customers will think about us when they hear about it ? you decide! the current clients would of course would be glad and would support us with more jobs; insyaAllah.

i’ve to plan cost cutting strategy during fabrications to still maintain our quotations. even there are rising cost everywhere and we still could offer old price…. that would be an added advantage.lots of it.

there are lots lots lots and lots of things to do. thats the reason i came early and go back late.

thats a sacrifce a business owner need to do. decisions made are to the benefits of the company. and those decisions; some of the staffs might not understand and might react stupid and vodoh.

those reasons makes a boss goes wild when staff doesnt do their tasks properly. lambat siap and so on. dah la lambat; reject pulak tu. bila boss marah; cakap boss garang. cakap boss tak sedar diri.

to be honest; i’ve sacrifice a lot; really really a lot to ensure the company is at this stage now.almost; or rather had drained all my savings;my monies to keep the company going and to cover the expenses, machine purchases and etc. its my own pocket money used to pay the staffs when payments from clients doesnt appears. i’ve spent countless sleepless nights for the past years. i’ve only take a portion of what i need as my salaries- thinking that the money could be better left for the company use. i’ve never taken a single ringgit without thinking company first.

so bila i’m mad time staff delay; buat barang reject and so on. its simply because i dont want the company to loose more. i dont want to loose the trust of my clients yang i dah built dengan payahnya. and i dont want my company to lingkup. the staff can always find another job if the company lingkup…but as for me; i’ve to start from scratch again. and thats what i dont want…

bila boss turn up in plain jeans and tshirt they complaint boss ni kedekut lah. they dont know; the boss could easily grab GUESS jeans at anytime from the malls. its just that the boss had to think forward. better use the money at a place that could generate more money instead.

bila boss masuk office lambat – they complaint – alaaa boss.. biasa la lambat. kompeni dia. what they dont realise was the boss last night slept only after subuh just to make sure the designs for the on going project complete. they dont know that!

there are times that the boss could be your best mamak buddies. but there also times when the boss suddenly became your worst father/mother in law.

some would say; ahhh bosan la ngan boss ni. jom resign ramai ramai. biar dia lingkup ! well yes.. the company would suffer initially. but its just a momentary effects. those who resigned would face new bosses which might be more setan than the current boss!

its not easy and it has been never easy to be a boss. and honestly; though i’m still very far to reach that level; to be a good boss; u need to be a superhuman !

anyhow; doakan moga abanglong berjaya. doakan moga kami terus teguh dan bertambah maju…..



22 Responses to “bila boss berbicara”

  1. entry sirius… yg penah nat baca sampei abis!!

    uhuhuhuuhuh… nat doakan abg long yer… bonus tu jgn lupa masuk nama nat sekali tau!!

  2. wah..putu baca ayat yg dah strikethrough tu jek..ekkekee..

    wokay bang long.. all the best to you in managing your company..!!

    takpe… rezeki segenggam takkan jadi secupak kalau tak berusaha kan…? bersabar ajelah yek..
    (wahh..ayat aku sopan giler..)

    p/s.. wooh..kutuk gue kat blog si syahril yek? hehhee..

  3. bile boss cakap akan sst yg betul walaupun dengan nada yg tinggi or else…staff yg waras dan berfikiran elok dan molek x akan sok sek sok sek di belakang…cozz they know mmg die wat salah….


    bile ader boss yg kaki komplen dan maki but die sebenarnya tak tahu ape jalan crete sebenarnya…huhuhu….die hanya menempah sumpah n seranah staff kate org…


    den yakin yg abang long bukan yg cm no 2 tu kan….

    all the best to u and company…

    Semoga Allah Memberkati Segala Usaha Abang Long….



  4. nat – hehe. mekasih. bonus mu bonus ku jua… hahaha

  5. putu – sexy secretary ? muahahahaha… sila apply wahai sakalian rakyat 🙂

    betul. rezeki secupak tidak akan menjadi segantang. namun segantang beras walaupun 5% hancur semakin mahai LAH oiiiii.


  6. fr – thanks. boss ni secara amnya terbahagi kepada 2 katagori. boss yang makan gaji dan boss yang empunya syarikat. so; bagi bos makan gaji – yang penting dia boleh kipas boss atas dia. dia ada knowledge ka, technical know how ka.. that doesnt matter. yg penting keja siap and dia dapat nama…

    boss yang empunya syarikat – nak tak nak, dia mesti tau dari A to Z.. everything.

    mentaliti rules!

  7. i doakan abglong terus maju n co. makin kukuh… and hati abglong sentiasa bersih dari sifat yang tamak… i doakan juga moga staf2 abglong syg boss depa n syg co. depa berkerja. coz i luv my co. so muchhhh… suka boss gak… hehehe…

    semlm kena marah dgn boss, terasa gak… dia ckp we all berkira kerja… cedih le gak coz i tak pernah berkira dgn dia bila wat board paper dia n mcm2 lagi. tp tak per, boss manusia gak, mungkin dia tgh stress time tu… tak per lah… sob, sob…

  8. Allah Maha Mengetahui ….

  9. good posting abanglong… luahan hati boss 🙂

    anyway, want to share my experience(walaupun x boleh lawan abanglong punya pengalaman hehehe)….

    as u said, it’s good to expand during this economic slowdown (for the name sake) but is it worth it? the core problem facing every expanding company is overhead expenses. it’s not about few months ahead but years to come. can u (as the BOSS) feed & maintains your company with enough projects? with the current situation? (btw, big G doesn’t help either-if u know what i mean). it is a very risky decision. it’ll hurt like hell to pay idling workers & i believe u know that. the worst part is that it is not their fault. u can’t fire them, they’re human too, have family to feed etc.

    i tell u something, 1 of my clients have all the human resources needed to manage & maintain quite a lot of projects simultaneously. we are very tiny compare to them, but they can’t feed enough projects to cover their overhead expenses. with today competitiveness, their profit margin shrink & it hurt some more. it’s a public listed company & for a few year they manage to cover their expenses using money from other subsidiaries. bonus? only in their workers dream. none what so ever. i do feel sorry for them. & obviously, their payment suck!(daa…)

    after years of following my boss (he’s one of my sifu anyway), i’ve come up with a simple conclusion. his company key success is ‘do everything using as few people as possible’. but be carefull! u must find the RIGHT people/employee to handle the task. your management people must be strong, same goes to the site people. multitask people is the keyword. i’m not talking big but it’s safe enough for me to say that what i’m doing is something that take 4-5 people to do (in that public listed company). so, for your company to stay ‘small’ is not a bad thing, it’s the profit that count.

    ok then, to our future projects… Oikakete!(Let’s chase it). Hashiridase!(Let’s start running).

    p/s: so.. u want to employ me? LOL 🙂

  10. interesting…..btw i hate my immediate superior since he shouldn’t be a boss in the first place…ni kes menjilat bontot le ni…he has no brain at all but claiming he’s practising ‘flexible management approach’ peeegi dah, malas nak pikir satu isu, letak kat bahu anak buah, kalau ok dia ngaku buat keje, kalau x ok, ni anak buah dia yg x buat keje….budak sekolah darjah 6 boleh le dia tipu….anyway I respect your courage n determination,bukan boleh puaskan hati semua orang….eh panjangnye comment aku ni…

  11. Salam Abang Long
    And the government says everything is fine and dandy with the economy?
    I have friends doing business and they are all saying it is not as good as the government is portraying it.
    So, who do we believe? Hopefully, Datuk Seri Najib Razak’s announcement on Nov 4 would provide some relief across the board.

  12. sy nk jugak bonus voley? keh keh keh…
    sexy secretary utk ape ek? cuci mata ka? keh keh keh

  13. Golddiamond Says:

    kat sini awal tahun hari tu ada employee bakar estima company sebab tak puas hati dgn performance bonus. pastu, management nak tunjuk apa yg berlaku takde kesan pape pun pd company, management beli estima baru…cash lagi. sudahnya banyak benefit employee kena potong. ngeh..ngeh.. siapa yg rugi?

  14. salam abglong…wahhh moga rezeki melimpah ruah..nanti jgn lupa belanja k

  15. InsyaAllah….moga2 terus maju dan maju ke hadapan. Jgn perut aje ke depan tau..

  16. gud luck abglong 🙂

  17. rifqi allil Says:

    susah jugak jd boss kn abglong. xpe lah. sabar je.
    btw company abglong mainly involves in what sector?

  18. abanglong Says:

    farzilah – thanks. memang kita sentiasa cuba buat yang terbaik; namun kadang kadang kita tak mampu utk memuaskan hati semua orang pada setiap masa….

  19. abanglong Says:

    pB – insyaAllah. moga setiap kerja dirahmati dan di berkati…

  20. abanglong Says:

    osh – main reason i need more staff is to ‘free’ me. i mean; those guys who might be able to help me on designs sure can helps me a lot. i would have more time to concentrate on new clients and such….

    (as for the sexy secretary- no need explaination la kan… hahahahha)

  21. abanglong Says:

    etomyam – first time i see u here.. thanks dude.anyway, ramai bosses yg naik dengan cara jilat menjilat neh. kipas dan aircond 20hp menjadi mainan. tu pasal dapat naik walaupun mangkuk hayun..

    kerja tak tau buat. tau mengarah dan marah jer… !

  22. Semoga kompeni AbangLong terus berkembang maju. All the very best to you.

    Insya Allah.

    But if things doesn’t turn out the way you plan it to be, you know you’ve done your best and pastinya ada hikmah.

    PS : Ada vac ke as a secretary? I can be sexy. Teringin pula nak join kompeni selalu dapat bonus nih. Gegegege.

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