endless love

to my most beloved person


happy 13th anniversary


16 Responses to “endless love”

  1. Happy Anniversary!! 13 years of love is wonderful 🙂

  2. happy anniversary…romantic betul!

  3. Happy Anniversary abg long!!

    Pray for your happiness ever after 🙂


  4. Congratulations 🙂

  5. Golddiamond Says:

    Moga kasihsayang yang telah tercipta akan berkekalan, walau badan hanya telah tinggal rangka-rangka.

  6. happy anniversary 2u&wifey. Smoga kekal bahagia ke akhir hayat dgn restu Nya. Amin.

  7. abanglong Says:

    neeza – thanks. hehehe. 13 yrs of ups and downs. biasa la kan

  8. abanglong Says:

    waliz- tenkiu… romantic? tadek laa. biasa jer. hehe

  9. abanglong Says:

    mikyail – thanks… moga doa anda dimakbulkan 🙂 thanks sbb dah muncul instead of silent reader hehehe

  10. abanglong Says:

    mem – mekasiiiihhh 🙂 nak bawak second honeymoon g dubai tak mampu hehehehe

  11. abanglong Says:

    gold -insyaAllah…..

  12. abanglong Says:

    julia – thanks… moga kekal hingga akhir hayat 🙂

  13. happy anniversary tuk abg long & kak long.. semoga kekal bahagia hingga ke akhirat ameeennnnn

  14. wah..wah..congratulations yek..!

    up to 13 years already..

    Happy Anniversary bang long & kak long…!!

  15. happy belated anniversary abglong .. semoga semuanya baik2 sahaja di dunia & akhirat .. amin 🙂

  16. abanglong Says:

    gee – terima kasih 🙂

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