corus – a one night stay

once a while; i would bring the family for mandi kolam. the term used by the kids to desribe swimming pool. the eldest pun dah habis UPSR. kasi dia cool off skit. i got a few days break so off to PD we were. planned to go to Melaka but almost all hotels were fully booked. Few nice resorts in PD were also fully occupied resulting us checking in Corus Paradise Resort in PD. Try gak tanya Avi***** but RM980 ++ per nite… perghhh gilosss !


For a deluxe room with 2 queen; breakfast for two it cost rm248.00 ( add another rm30 for two kid buffet breakfast). Used to frequent this hotel many many years back during my working trip to Melaka. Its already a bit old dah. though some proper maintainance would save the day. [I will write purely base on my experience… what i see is what u read! tadek sensored okeh]

The resorts mainly consist of hotel rooms and apartments. So those with bigger family migh opt for the latter. ermm i’m not working with corus so i dont really know how many rooms and how many apartments they had.


The so called deluxe room is quite normal for a RM250/nite room. Though it might be an isolate case; the tv has no signal, noisy in house movies (macam tv tahun 70an). the bed is a bit rundown coz macam boleh rasa the spring tu. well, maybe ada acara acara ***** yg havocs kot hehehehe.

All rooms facing the sea size was just nice, a bit cramp for us though. Ella pajilla really enjoyed the sunset.memang dia terpaku tengok matahari masuk dalam air as she said. aircon is nice and the room doesnt smells. it also had those in room electronic safe box; a plus point for those who travel with many harta harta.

One more major drawback – sinki n drain a bit clogs. it took some times for the water to dissapear.. another rare case maybe.

but their layanan is superb. they score in the layanan mesra department. salute !

check in at 2 30pm. masuk bilik jer terus the kids change into the baju mandi. tak sabar ! the pool is nice and clean. orang ramai.. normall la rite. nak sunyi buat ler pool sendiri kat umah. its 1.2m deep for adults and rasa 60 cm for the kids with the small air pancut and 2 water slides. there are also small kolam for the babies.

the kids really enjoyed their splashing time. maklong jadi cameraman. she doesnt want to turun. dont ask me why 🙂

but one think that might or at least for me a bit annoy is you have to be in swimming attire to be inside the pool. maksudnya guys and gals must pakai proper gear. but i dont think its quite a good idea coz its mostly families yg ada; so dress code should be a bit linear la. almost sumer mak and bapaks who temankan their kids mandi.. ada sikit tak puas hati shown on their faces bila takleh masuk pool due to the dress codes.

with the youngest one. you see; badan abanglong ni built in pelampong especially di area perut. so kalau kena bukak baju maka muahahahahaha….. besar kemaluanku.

but had to bukak the baju after the lifeguard tegur 2 kali!


The kids spent few hours dalam pool. Hehehe.enjoy sakan. banyak gak telan air kolam rasanya! hehehe. Biar mereka penat !!!! Malam tedo lena. hint!hint!hint! hehe. Sunburnt kulit gue yg melepak ini 🙂

Its so nice to hear them scream and laugh. and its so fun enjoying ‘mandi kolam’ with them (ni bapak ker anak yg lebih ni hehehe)

a walked by the beach was not so cool. as u know; pantai’s in PD agak kureeng. nothing much to shout about it. they also had some jet ski and some other water sports things.

Dinner; the kids was too tired to go out. and  looking tru the room service menu wasnt convincing either; i went out to the pekan and grab some foods.  ada a few foods stalls though tak ramai pelanggan. i do remember one of my stays before; there were pasar malam that sells more foods.

Breakfast was a major turn off. i kid you not.

though its ‘free’ with the stay;they’re charging rm30 per head (rm15 for the kids). and the foods was really a let down. there were only nasi lemak; bubur; roti ; sausage;ommeletes and few kuehs. really… if u stay there; opt for the room only. not worth it to take the breakfast there. so over charged and the foods was a so so only. roti bakar and jems. tak best la… serious.

habis breakfast; pool time again. berendam from 9 to almost 12… kecut semua ! hehehehehe

Checked out at noon. and the kids were super happy though nampak dah letih. oklah.. once a while rite.

check out some of other facilities there… WIFI in the lobby though. 🙂


all in all; it was good place to stay. but there a few more nicer resort with bigger and better facilities around PD. advance booking is advisable.

an insert from my GPS page… the map.


adioss !


19 Responses to “corus – a one night stay”

  1. so cool tengok ur kids superhappy 🙂

    but my guess is, ayah deme yang hepi lebih dari anak2…

  2. wah..wah..pandai yek.. kasi anak2 penat mandi.. pehtu boleh tido awal..

    bang long, mai le dtg rumah putu..bawak anak2 sekali..
    mandi pool ramai2..

  3. comelnya adik ella pajilla.. apa nama dia?

    mama diorang tak nak turun mandi.. biasa la.. kalau neeza pun.. dah la kena pakai swimming attire yang memang ‘tak akan nampak sexy’ pun….

    dah basa luar dalam.. leceh dan leceh sungguh.. pompuan besar kan banyak lapis pakaiannya hehehe..

  4. sy suke avillion compare to corus paradise heheh 😛

  5. sikit lagi nak dpt tgk rupa tuan blog yg hensem dan pemalu nih…hehehe

    masa mgmt dulu ok kot hotel ni..dah tukar mgmt baru lain pulak jadik…pernah jugak sy stay masa hotel ni baru2 bukak dulu..

    next time dok je kat avillion tu ..gerenti puas hati..

  6. abanglong Says:

    nurul – ayah happi sebab tengok kids happy 🙂

  7. abanglong Says:

    putu – hehehehe….biasaaa aaa. satu cadangan yg menarik… 🙂 akan dibentangkan dalam kabinet akan datang hehehe…

    sorry abt tha maybank things! muahahahahahahahaha

  8. abanglong Says:

    neeza – alyssa. geng karib ella pajilla utk meriuh rendahkan rumah !

  9. abanglong Says:

    suw – water chalet ekk… hehehehehe

  10. abanglong Says:

    uncle – hehehehe…. hamba mmg pemalu 🙂

  11. Terimakaseh kerana mengunjungi blog saya…saya amat bersuka ria…maaf saya sedang baiki mutu tulisan saya …kukuna matata!

  12. salam abg long…..tape built in pelampung tu kan org kata tanda prosperity ahaks….

  13. abglong nx time try la legend water chalet, dkt dgn glory beach. Kat situ slalu low utilize sket. Price pun ok dlm 300++ per nite. And for dinner try kat nasreen söngkla seafood, further up hosp pd& roundabout. And breakfast kat gerai dpn kubur b4 kg bagan penang ada mee kari&soto yg sdp. Lunch kat mak mah nasi ayam.. b4 town or otw 2 glory beach Ada lauk2 nogori yg best gak lah klu nk try.
    Hav a gud time!

  14. Golddiamond Says:

    laaa… nape tak beritahu nak datang melaka… orang sponsor accommodation… berapa malam nak stay, stay le.. cuma, swimming pool je kena beli kat tesco. hehehehe

  15. tukang karut – hehehe.. sama lah kita. budak2 baru belajar.

  16. arsaili – muahahahahahaha….

  17. julia – thanks for the tips… tak pun on d way back singgah senawang yer tak? hehehe. legend dah tanya on that day; penuh.

  18. gold – muahahahahahaa. idea yang sungguh bernas. takpo len kali den calling.

  19. ‘Mandi kolam’ sekarang dan dulu… hmmm.

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