work.. business and ular

i need to deliver some stuff and to meet a client in bukit beruntung yesterday. one of small gestures that i treat maklong is sharing. well, being constantly on the move; i have the chance of eating out at many different places. there’s a super nice place for lunch there. i discover it during my previous trip to TRW.

since my meeting is scheduled at 2 30 pm. took her from the office and zoom there. i cant really recall the name of the shop. but its the only malay shop open during lunch time. selling mainly nasi campur dishes and desserts.

we took 6 kind of lauks. ikan percik, a big ikan keli, a bowl of soup daging,ayam goreng,gulai ikan masin with nenas, and anchovies with kentang etc, some ulam,voodo; two plates of rice (eventually tambah another plate 🙂  ) and for dessert we took pengat pisang and pulut durian. its nescafe o ice for me and milo ice for her. the cost ? RM 21 !!!

i kid u not… its super cheap and super sedap…  she insist me to bring her again once i have meeting there!


i didnt go to the office today. just attend the calls from home. tenang! after prayers i got bored and go out. called her and off we go to cheras. the reason ?? bond… james bond.


ayyo… not really nice lor this one. bond got no superb gadgets. no fancy extras on his cars. i’m sorry bond fans; this one is not one of his best…

my name is LONG…ABANGLONG !


4 Responses to “work.. business and ular”

  1. RM21???? super cheap!! apa nama kedai tu? nak gi la nanti.. tapi tak tahu la bila.. tak tahan tu dengar ayam percik.. voodoo.. dengan pulut durian.. sedapnyeeeee!!!

  2. tak besh ek? oklah, tanak la join my team next wednesday. 🙂

  3. tertido tgk cite james bond kekekekeke 😛

  4. Rindu nak makan murah dan sedap 😥

    Noted, AbangLong 🙂

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