sometimes; we just had to lie. in order not to make things worst !









well; few of my readers asked me abt this entry. to avoid more confusions; actually a new clients of me asked us whether i’m using the original software for my designs – in their email they wrote please be advised that we are not tolerating any piracy and would pleased if u using originals softwares for design and work purpose. i told them YES. duhhh… software tu klu nak beli puluh ribu ! klu projek 8 juto; boleh laaa… ni baru 3ribu. loyat lerr jawabnya. baru lapan hinggit !!!


6 Responses to “life”

  1. salam bohong sunat ker abg long?

  2. definitely true..!

  3. kadang2 bohong menyakitkan hati orang lain.

  4. As long as tak bocor kemudiannya…

  5. hohoh…software house pon x pakai software yang ori maa…huhuhu…

  6. Soh dia kasi projek 8 juto lah! Huh. Banyak cerita pula mereka itu.

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