millionaire nanny

episod jutawan segera…. the sequel.

i replied the basket email; telling them that i’m excited and would like to know more about this things. there were few days gaps until this morning; i recieve this email..

Dear abanglong,Thanks for your letter, which has been received well noted and well understood.

I am now in Malaysia, but unfortunately I will no longer make the trip to your country due to the critical state of my health. My doctor advices that I should return back ASAP in other to undergo my surgery and I will be traveling back first thing in the morning. I have discussed with my lawyer and he said that he would love to speak with you over the phone before processing the transfer. I want you to give him a call, so that both of you will discuss on how to transfer the funds to you.

My lawyer is a God fearing man with honest heart and I trust him to conduct you, so call him on this number +44 70457 46738. He is presently in England; his name is Mr. Morris More. Please call him as soon as you receive this mail. I just want to make sure that these funds are transferred to your custody before undergoing my surgery next week because I promise God that I will fulfill this donation before undergoing this surgery. Call Mr. Morris More so that he will tell you how to receive the funds.

Write me after speaking with him, so that I will give instruction to my bank to remit the funds to your account. Since am unable to visit you now, I hereby attached my picture for your personal reference.

The spirit of God filled my heart with a massage, which I will share with you once I get back to Tokyo. God have found favor in you. Please, write me after speaking with Mr. Morris so that I will share this word of God with you.

With love to your family,

Mrs. Lee.

they even send me  a pic… miahahahaha

.dont know la nenek sapa punya pic dia amek !!

i replied back to them. i said that i cant afford an international call. hehehe. so mean of communications is tru email only. i might buy a new simcard just for the sake of this later.

ngeh ngeh ngeh.


24 Responses to “millionaire nanny”

  1. rajin nye la bosh layan nanny yg ‘sakit’ itu…

  2. wah..jalan citer makin panas…x sabar nak tau endingnya…:D

  3. huh..tak putus asa lagi tu…

    kita tgk ape jadi nanti ye…!

  4. scammer neh memacam ragam juwerrrr …

    hew hew hew

  5. wakakkaka~~~ makin bes lah citer nih. apa cara dia ni nak scam org sebenarnya?

    bilakah episod seterusnya abg long…..tihihi

  6. ha, bagus dok melayan yer?
    ngeh ngeh ngeh!

    at least, persoalan2 selama ni dalam kepala saya yakni, “apa akan jadi kalau aku jawab email2 sebegini?” boleh terjawab!

    great :p

  7. Baca boleh…percaya jangan.
    Jeng..jeng..jeng…kita semua tunggu kesudahannya.

  8. banyak juga saya terima surat lebih kurang macam ni, dari Arab,USA, Cina etc.. tak tau lah dia orang betul2 nak telan duit kita saja melalui scam. Lepas you call dia, dia akan arah you deposit duit kat dia dulu nak beli insurance etc…

  9. geli urat perut neeza bila tahu abanglong melayan email granny vogue tu.. hehee.. entah sape lah punya kerja.. wonder jugak.. apa sebenarnya aim diorang ni kan… try la abanglong.. layan aje.. tengok apa kesudahannya nanti… hehehe..

  10. Damn! These blacks are full of tactic. with malaysian men, they used nenek tua la pulak and for women, they used different tactics..konon2 sending gift and cash..and konon2 stauck kat immigration and asked the women to bank in money..heheheeh

  11. ahahaha. gila btol. sanggup u ek? meh i try call nak? guna my opis line. huehuehue. :p

  12. Fr – saja jer. nak tengok kemana akhirnya. moga ia akan menjadi pengajaran dan panduan pada kita semua 🙂

  13. waliz- hehehe; kita tengok sapa yang kena !!!!

  14. putu – yeah… will keep it posted

  15. beaber – 🙂 thats life !

  16. nafnaf- once they replied my mail, i will post here 🙂

  17. nurul – i oso want to know apa akan jadi and apa yg boleh jadi. banyak dah baca kes2 camni kat paper

  18. kodok – yezzaaaa 🙂 sediakan payung sablom salji noooo

  19. kodok – yezzaaaa 🙂 sediakan payung sablom salji noooo

  20. kbguy – yeah…thats y. i try to follow dia punya game. nak tengok apa akan jadi hehehe

  21. neeza- hehehe. saja layan. 🙂 mana tau kot kot betul dia nak bagi…muahahahaha pakcik kayooooooo hehehehe

  22. ellie – hiyaaaa…. loooooooonggg time no see ! tu ler.. nak tengok apa akan terjadi akhirnya ni hehe

  23. erni – gud idea… amek nombor tu and try calling…. dmuahahahaha

  24. GOD help you

    I’m looking for your response.

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