bulat bulat panjang panjang


bulat bulat tu meatballs,panjang panjang tu fries..

i was down with high fever for the past few days.dah ler dok sorang sorang kat umah as all the family member was still kat kampung for the holidays till a week after raya haji.last night baru boleh bangun and pegi clinics. the beautiful lady doc siap marah marah i, apsal lambat datang, badan you dah too hot…. yeaahh I’M HOOOOT ! muahahahaha. she gave me a jab and told me kalau temperature tak turun i kena admit.. arghh !!

btw; i’m recovering so takyah masuk spital.. kang susah lak nurse nurse tu nak layan body i yang hot ini… 🙂

there were sooooo many things to do and yet i takleh bangun. the reason i came back to kl ni pun is becoz i need to siapkan the machines that kena hantar to client this week. kesian the staff.. they all pun takleh nak tolong coz the assembly, the plc programming, the electrical and electronic wiring tu i yang suppose to do.. ayyooo 😦


this is the mee goreng. had it for lunch in Bukit Beruntung. Mee dia ok, haiwan hawan dia banyak but the rasa was so so only. haiwan means all the ayam,udang,sotong dalam mee itu 🙂

we attend the interview for my son. he decided to give a try to the said sekolah tahfiz sains tu. pergh… there were about 300 students attended the interview. those 300 candidates were candidates from outside kelantan and there were only 20 place for them. means that out of that 300, only 20 jer yang akan offered the place there.

there were ujian bertulis for 2 hours followed by 4 sessions of interview. mak aii… nak masuk university pun tak susah camtu. we were there from morning and kena tunggu until about 4pm baru siap. entahlah…aim for the best but prepare for the worst…


the things that keep me going each and every day in the office. nescafe will keep me for the whole day. i rarely take breakfast and my lunch would be around 4 or 5 pm.

hope to full recover soon…. keja banyak neeh !


7 Responses to “bulat bulat panjang panjang”

  1. get well soon ye bang long… take care..!

  2. tang mana “hot” tu?Jgn lupa mkn ubat….

  3. kesian.. bila maklong jauh je dia tak sihat.. rindukan maklong ke? 😉

    sekolah cam tu memang competitive sebab parents sekarang dah celik mata.. bukan macam parents jaman dulu… sekarang agama and dunia equally important kan..

  4. fua~

    banglong hot seh!


    cpat baek ye banglong!

  5. putu – thanks

  6. kodok – hahahahaha

  7. neeza- hehehe. dah nak demam nak wat camnaa

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