eko no money

i think; everybody who read news today have heard about  the recent announcement about the petrol price.it has been further decreased by 10 cents per litre starting from tonight. a relief? yes and no

it would cost rm7 cheaper to fill up my 70 litre lion.for me who had to monitor fuel usage versus mileage travelled this would translate some more saving per ringgit. currently my lion drinks up about rm50 for 250 km; ie if i put rm10 i can basically drive for 50km.not bad for a two litre city driving car!

our outgoing no 1 man had made a huge (again!) mistake by increasing the initial fuel price so harsh. as a results,everything including the blood pressure shoot up.and all the price..sadly never goes down !

business is bad. a few of my clients are forced to take leave. their company shut down for a solid two weeks.those with annual leave are told to utilise it and those without would survive with paycuts. adehhhh… its year end dude; anak nak masuk sekolah,etc etc etc…

my younger brother; whose used to recieve million ringgit of business each and every year ends from the government (habiskan budget as they said) is super sepi this year. gomeng takdok ppittih he said. he a bit lucky as he owns another business that will continue pump in money as long as our future first female prime minister still in place. he also mentioned that a few of approved contracts were on hold and so on.

i’ve heard a few of the companies are offering VSS. tu lagi satu.. of coz la dapat some monitories but sapa yg hiring now ?? i’ve got a friend in a hotel line whose hotel is ‘closed for renovation’ and all of the staff kena berhenti kerja.

uishh… pity them.

so; when i look at the bigger picture,although  my company is sufferring; its still nothing compared to kesusahan those other people faced.mine is simply payments.same ol situation where payments arent made to us.thus resulting we also unable to pay our suppliers.job wise;project wise, alhamdulillah might still keep us busy till feb.  its just some problems nak rolling. ponin den!

on the other hand, my unit trust is somehow gaining. there are peoples who smartly taking advantage of current economic situation. as the share market jatuh;the price is cheaper and they forsee this is the best time to invest. buy low sell high !

but now is just the beginning.nobody can predict whats 2009 will offer.as for me; aim for the best but prepare for the worst.

doakan me my friends…


3 Responses to “eko no money”

  1. alhamdulillah, sib baik hubby keje gomen. Tp ada gak dgr psl ekonomi wil b slowing down begining last june for the nx 2yrs.. So mcm dh preparelah.. Suh sedara mara bjimat, sediakn payung sblm ujan. Cuma ada gak malaysian yg eksen, tanak percaya spi tkena btg idung barula..

  2. Salam. Boleh saya tahu hotel mana? Tq.

  3. huhuhu~

    rase mcm trok je ekonomi taon 2009!

    tp wallahu’alam..

    doa2 jela!

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