to do or not ?

i’ve recieved a PO; repeat order from effa’s company. to supply 300 sets of some small production jigs.
now the economy is bad.
it would cost me about rm7K and one week to produce those things. sold to them for about 30K.
they were a very bad pay master however.
should i proceed or not ?

more about effa here


19 Responses to “to do or not ?”

  1. kalau dapat mintak downpayment okay kot 😉

  2. do kalu rase berbaloi…
    but dont do kalu rase2 di kemudian ari akan jd cam yg lepas…
    nnti buat sakit ati lak…

  3. ask for 30% downpayment then progressive payment la…dont deliver one lumpsum

  4. mamarawks Says:

    if i’m at your place i will say no!!
    you need to avoid risky business at this moment… just put an excuse that you cannot commit for the job at the mo… cakap la you guys tgh busy to commit 1 bigger project and not avail until bla bla bla..

  5. proceed le..tapi mintah 50% down payment.. hehehhe…

  6. Think positive bro…rasa ok,proceed.Kalau tak,ignore je.Kalau nak proceed mintak down payment yang boleh cover balik ur cost.Kalau dorg tak bayar balance tak la putih mata sgt.Pikir & renung2 kannnn..

  7. abg long, sokong anon… letak syarat cam tuh.
    tak nak kalu… boleh blah..

  8. neeza – PO cames with no donpayment

  9. FR – tu ler. konpiussss.

  10. anon – no we cant. the PO already recieved and its without any downpayments

  11. mama – we currently mmg ada other jobs in hand. keja effa tu senang jer.few days boleh complete and the profit is quite nice. but thinking about nak kejar payments tu yg den lomah ni

  12. putu – takleh mintak downpayment

  13. kodok – tengah merenung dan termenung!

  14. MM – hehehe. and ilang 25K profit utk keja 4 hari 😦

  15. call me if you need my money collection services,,,,seriously.
    never failed so far. Along also call me-lah.

  16. emmmm… idup lagi ke si effa tu? still in that co ke?

    tak yah buat… nak dapat payment skit punya susah… nak minta payment mcm minta sedekah… serupa bagi service free jer…

    • abanglong Says:

      farzilah – effa dah menjadi arwah in that company. dia dah kerja tempat lain. itu la; purchasing gangs suruh buat tapi bila ingat tang paymenttu…. huhuhuhuhu

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