bila client mangkuk

we were awarded to design and fabricate a vibrator machine few months back. after almost two weeks jadi zombie designing; i finally complete designing it and transffered the design from paper into reality. the production member kena kerah to fabricate it.

i’ve ordered all the electronic and electrical items as well as the pneumatic cylinders.

once the standard parts and the fabrication completed; we assemble and i programmed the PLC. the purpose of the machine is to insert something to a very tiny motor. those motors will be used in your handphones to create the vibration effect during incoming calls. ( i donno if ada yg use the vibration handphones utk other purposes!!)

the standard parts alone cost us more than 10K


top view of the machine. in 2D format. saja use low resolution 🙂

hak cipta terpelihara ni… hehehe

once complete everything, we did the trial run and testing and testing.

selepas big boss puas hati baru i declare the machine is OK.

then we called the client to visit and have a look at their baby ni. according to sales agreement; once they verified the machine at my place then only i can send the machine to them and claim my payments.

these was in nov/early december.

but up till today; they still dont want to verify.

the machine is still in my factory, collecting dust

and their payments is still pending; invoice and DO is yet to be signed.

alasan…. millions of excuses

the real situation is – their production is down.

thats why they delaying

they dont want to bear another cost

siapa jadi mangsa ???

aduh !

coming soon – to design and fabricate auto loader for needle production. this is for a different client.  nak design, i takder mood.. 😦


2 Responses to “bila client mangkuk”

  1. abang long, tutup pintu yang itu dan buka pintu lain .. pandang depan dan terus jalan… 🙂

  2. abanglong Says:

    MM – life goes on bro. tapi sangkut kat situ puluh ribu tuuuu 😦

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