its just monday; technically.

7 38 am- office. a hectic monday. effa’s company emailed me 9 sets of projects for me to quote. i’ve to study all the drawings and check the material costing,manufacturing cost,pre process,post process,standard parts,assembly,delivery and all the bla bla costing before i could come out with the quoatation.armed with a mug of nescafe ( hey nestle- u should pay me for all these iklan percuma tau!!), pack of marlboro- den bukak sumer drawing tu,cuba came out with the quotations.

honestly; i dont really feel like doing this company punya job. still rasa ngilu ingatkan kisah silam. but; business is business and these are the things that we had to face; daily basis!. many of my friends, my competitors mengalami nasib yang tidak sebaik my company. they were jobless and there is no hope for them untuk dapat any job soon. basically; ramai yang tunggu masa untuk tutup kedai… nauzubillah. its only january and its still a loong way to go ahead. doakan moga abanglong can survive all these ok. !

i had an appointment in the afternoon with  the jarum guy. so camana sekalipun, must finished all those piles sebelum lunch.towards the ends, i just tengok the drawing and bagi harga.. tak study sangat pun. double triple the price; lantaklah…kalau dia bagi aku untung, kalau dia tak bagi; aku tak rugi.

manage to email them all the quotation as per required before lunch.

meeting with the jarum company was always pleasant.the big boss really know his job and this makes my task much easier.discuss about the concept; study about the possible problems and how to tackle it; he gave his ideas and i put my thoughts.

actually; they finalised two company to do these project. me and the other guy had submit our proposals and did our concept presentation in two separate occasions dulu. he explain his concept and i explained mine. its not easy task. banyak faktor yang kena kaji and so on. tu satu; the machine akan dok dalam clean room… banyak things yang akan kena consider and i kid you not; pakai those cleanroom suites tu is not funny. nak terkencing pun siksa tau!

he already award me the project even before this meeting. he asked me to submit the quotation and he will proceed with it.their top management already decide to give a go with my company.they like our concept and they suka our honesty. during the last meeting; i dont simply janji them benda ni boleh siap within their time frame.they bagi masa sebulan. i said; i’m so very sorry.. i will try but i dont think i can complete it within a month period.its just cannot.i’d love the job but i tak boleh ambil the project if they still nak within a month. i tak boleh and i dont do empty promise.their big boss respect our honesty (chewah).and after some ding dong; the job is mine. Alhamdulillah. but he warns me not to start anything untill i recieve the PO and the downpayments. of coz la… takkan aku nak start kosong jer rite. lagipun duit pun dah kureng ni. i left their office after asar.

only then i had my breakfast and lunch. roti canai and nescafe ice (yo nestle…. r u listening!!) tak sedar masa berlalu and baru rasa lapar.

i met with a special friend yang i never met more than decade ago. i’m so impressed and happy.owns a very successful business yet still down to earth.  susah nak cari golongan melayu cam ni. mostly; kalau income dah ribu ribu per day; dah tak jadi manusia dah… sombong and nak kawan ngan spesis sama ngan dia jer !

i really salute dia.

i am.

(errr kalau dia baca blog ni- let me tolong gemuk gemukkan lagi your money tru unit trust hehhehe)

reach home abt 11pm. semua dah tedo. nak makan pun boring sorang2. nescafe lagi (aisey….nestle!!!!) mandi and baca some mags. i need to do the designs for the kilang jarum but my mind macam blank. tadek idea. though i manage to do some lakaran lakaran. the project insyaAllah will keep us busy for the following february and march. my friends, doakan moga i could do the best.

i close my eyes while holding tangan maklong yg indah di buai mimpi.

it was almost 4 am.


2 Responses to “its just monday; technically.”

  1. my life starts at 5am and ends at 4am!

    kena ubah le gamaknya nih 😦

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