pagi jumaat

i text her last night on the way back home

i love you

and she replied…


no darling…. you would never know how much i love you.

you would NEVER know.




scorpions; still loving you – was on air at that time.


19 Responses to “pagi jumaat”

  1. sweet sangat…

  2. black jes Says:

    she is one lucky lady……

  3. cheh..malam jemaat jer..ada sedikit gatall..nak timbulkang mood sebelum sampai rumah kerrr.. :-))

  4. amboiiiiiiii….sayangnya dia….

    semoga berkekalan

  5. so sweet… she so lucky to have you abglong…

    nak text my cat ler… i luv you hurricain…

    miow, miowwww….

  6. not many guys willing to share that publicly,
    abglong truely loves his dearie wifey, kan abglong?
    so yeah, she’s the very lucky lady..
    what dbi said.. i wont think further (“-_-)
    p/s: send my regard to her abglong~ hee 🙂

  7. yaaa saudagar kayaaaa! :))

  8. serinditrimba Says:

    tapi orang selalu terlupa yang kita amat sayangkan dia kan??

  9. black jes Says:

    very,very,very lucky lady…

  10. serinditrimba Says:


    First time kat sini.. makasih…!

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