one of my clients emailed me a drawing. to replace one crucial part for their production line. its a simple pvc block with some copper insert to complete the electrical circuit.
he told me; they need to order 800 sets of it.
good… in no time i studied the drawing and asked the material suppliers for the material costing and discussed with my production guys ways to speed up fabrication time in order to reduce manufacturing costs.
i submit the quotation… best price based to the 800 set quantity.

quotation for a unit price.. means price for one unit only

dah sampai kat tangan his boss

then this evening… he called me that the actual quantity was 1200 set

he made mistake

duhhhhh….. technically; other suppliers would quote unit price more cheaper than me

the more quantity..the cheaper. everything ordered in bulks





doakan moga abanglong dapat the project!


16 Responses to “tension”

  1. Salam abg long,

    so u dah re-quote ker? anyway, insyaallah ada rezeki abg long tuh..

  2. jangan your client sekadar nak ada few quotations on hand jer dah..

    anyway, if its meant to be yours..whatever it is, it will be yours..

    • hazel – rasa rasanya mmg dia tersilap judge the quantity la. anyway, its tru what u said.. kalau bukan rezeki…buat macamana pun, takkan dapat. but if ianya memang rezeki… ia akan datang juga..

  3. on = in

  4. ayoyoo…pasepa depa bg info ada salah juga…

    semoga berjaya mendapat project itu…

    all the best 🙂

  5. all the best bro … semoga sukses

  6. insyaAllah.. kalau dah rezeki tak kemana tu

  7. Dulu bila deal ngan vendor memang saya beri perhatian penuh bab nunbers ni… kang tak pasal2 kena bambu ngan boss… ape2hal semoga semuanya berjalan lancar….

  8. […] we got the project ! its still unofficial yet […]

  9. Insya’Allah semoga anda dmurahkan rezeki..

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