jackson michael


sm11 kini


my siti samsung.

it cames with a standard 18 months warranty. in months 17, it got some problem with the display. some small bubble appears underneath the screen.

sent it to their service center.

they said the would replace the screen FOC. but the problem was; the silver cover is no longer in production.  the officer asked me whether i’m okay if they exchange the old phone with a new one. same model but black color.

lorrr…. gue lagi suke banget!

though it tooks almost a month.

michael jackson.. dari hitam ke putih

jackson michael… putih ke hitam.

dah.. nak g teh tarik kat mamak berbulu. jom!


6 Responses to “jackson michael”

  1. syioknye dia dapat hp baruuuu….

  2. ini baru costumer service… 😉

  3. canggih! canggih!
    but geli la tangan berbulu mamak tu abglong..
    aiyarkkk.. pak arnab pegi la dengan geng2 arnab..

  4. neeza – sama jer 🙂 hehehe

  5. dbi – dekat sebulan gak tunggu hehe

  6. khairie – t\ahahahahaahahaha 🙂

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