its exora

the name of the new proton mpv..
duhhh… a lady wins the mpv.
bila laaa aku nak menang contest contest ni


11 Responses to “its exora”

  1. huhu..kalah le teman camni…

  2. exora?
    cam cite ezora plak..

  3. brader, Proton made a big mistake with their choice… they played around T&C of the naming contest.. i’ve check & found out Exora was indeed not a flower name.. but surprisingly it’s a species of beetle..

    so apamacam?

    • osh – ermm. they might silap abt the meaning. i mean pasal bunga and beetle tu. but this is not their first time. remember the iswara case. they said it was some sort of butterfly. but one dude proof that it was one of the name of Hindu nyer god or stg like that.

  4. putu – den pun tak menang!! hahahaha

  5. but brader…

    one of the rule in the naming competition clearly stated that an entry “tidak diambil daripada” the name of flora or fauna…. so actually the final 39 entries yg letak nama Exora actually disqualified too, along with the 139 entries of Proton Ixora, right?

    hahahaha.. Proton make a fool of themself… whatever..

    • osh – mungkin nama tu the best among the worst (according to their taste la kot) hahaha. proton pisang? okeh kaaa!

  6. Proton says the name exora does not exist. I guess some guys there check the oxford dictionary. Proton has a serious taxonomy problem. Yup, exora is a beetle, but many used the term exora for ixora coccinea, the flower. Anyway, who are we to tell people all over the universe that the name of the flower should be spelled ixora not exora?

  7. whatabout Proton Lie? hahahaha…

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