long yet happy day at the office. stop to buy some groceries before head home. dinner was tapaued nasi goreng from a stall which is tak sedap.

it was almost 10 pm when mak arnab panic. she called my bro asking about the bibiks condition yg dah demam for few days and today she is too weak plus she got some bintik2 merah kat her tangan.after some dingdong, the brother who just transferred to hospital in JB advice suruh pegi kenet.. check darah.

hospital kajang is the best choice. nearby clinic tak ada equipment utk check dara darah.the bigger pusat rawatan said their lab is closed at 10pm.hospital putrajaya and serdang wont entertain without surat rujukan.

reached there when the clock strike an hour before midnight.

the staffs were friendly. ramai gak orang sakit malam malam ni.

had to wait for almost 2 hrs. before the doc called me. he said the bibik must be warded for observation. suspected denggi. adehhhh

reached home almost 2 15 am.

ada appointment at 8 30 am tomorrow.

why i’m writing this entry at 2 30 am ? i should be sleeping rite!

it was what the guy cakap masa i bagi passport bibik for registration.

dia belek pasport and dia tengok muka depan yang ada gambar.

then dia tengok aku

and asked me…

ni isteri encik ker!!

arghhhh….. aku ada muka mat indon kerr????

hehehe. ilang ngantuk aku gelak.





permisi dulu pak. gua mau beradu..

.confirm besok rumah aku kena attack ngan those sembur nyamuk guys!


4 Responses to “uceh!!”

  1. hahahah gue pon ilang ngantuk gaks baca yg nih heheheh

  2. waduhhh….bapak yang ganteng dikatakan suami kepada si bibik….

    ha ha ha ha ha….


  3. hazel – hehehehehe

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