ella pajilla

an update :

we rushed her to ER in Serdang Hospital at about 1 am as her body temperature was crispy high.

she were given treatment at about 4.30 am. case considered not critical.

IV drips.

she were warded for further observation.

lucky she is -ve for denggue.


18 Responses to “ella pajilla”

  1. semoga Ella Pajila cepat sembuh..!
    risau tau kalau budak2 ni demam tinggi…

  2. serindit rimba Says:

    Budak kalau demam ibu bapa yang susah hati

  3. hazelsyd Says:

    insyaallah dia akan sembuh soon..

  4. hopefully she get well soon..
    hugs and kisses for her..

  5. semoga Ella pajila cepat sembuh

  6. moga ella pajilla cepat sembuh..:)

  7. jgn lupa bg mkn obat ye ayahnya

  8. oh dear, ella pajilla!!
    semoga cepat sembuh!!

  9. dok ward lagi ker ??

    Serdang , tak jauh dari Puchong nie

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