love gestures

i was in Nilai when i learned that she had craving for those meatballs in Ikea.dah lama tak makan pun.



petrol – to and fro 80 km – rm15

toll -6×1.60 +2.4 = rm 12.00

almost two hours stuck in LDP

ikea parking – free. its just a 10 mins stop. park n bought the food and terus balik

meatballs – rm 14.70






watching her glowing face, and smile with disbelief …. PRICELESS


10 Responses to “love gestures”

  1. eceh. cam iklan credit card plak.
    but then, priceless kan? hee 😄

  2. budak budak skrg mano reti mitok mitok jalo mah , buoh tanjung nie …

    kenal pun tidok

  3. Haha!
    So sweet 🙂

    Yup, priceless!

  4. ni ella yang mengidam ke?

  5. hazelsyd Says:

    wahh sweet!

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