japanese dan commitments

abanglong had a very hectic but wonderful day yesterday. DRAINED !!!

rushed to the hospital and then to the office. at noon went to meeting with a very very wonderful person.

rushed back to office and had to continue assembly the machine as the client, those japanese guys will visit today. we had major problem last night, communications between PLC and touch panel problem. satu cakap ayam satu cakap itik…

Alhamdulillah. we manage to finished those things at 3 10 am.

and i still lom had my dinner.

balik rumah and terus tidow

at 8 am.. i was already in the office. final touch to the machine.

all my other staff was busy with their loads.

the kilang was a total mess with wires,cable ties,kotak,and lots lots lots of bahan bahan asing used/discharged masa assembly the machine..

tengok staff sumer busy so i took the penyapu and sapu the kilang.staff offer nak tolong but i said its ok just continue your work.

masa tengah sapu tu, the japanese boss sampai.

even my hand were dirty; he shake my hand  and tepuk my back…

adi san… u very japanese culture. boss do many job.sweep floor also can.

i smiled.

and the presentation went smoothly.

he appreciated the machine.

with some minor modifications still.





thanks for all those doa my friends.


8 Responses to “japanese dan commitments”

  1. lepas ni boleh la saya jadi interpreter…hehe…buat part time boleh tak???

  2. hhaa..saya pon boleh, tak mahal charge, 300/day hehehhee

  3. abanglong!!
    bagusnya it went well!!
    hopefully semuanya will going smoothly lepas ne dan sampai bile2. amin!

  4. hehhee…stakat nak mintak tlg belanja makan pon ok aja! hehehhee

  5. abanglong Says:

    khairie – thanks 🙂

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