its selasa…


arrive in the office just after 7 30am..way before staffs clock in.  i’ll have to go to few places today. first is in bukit beruntung..hope ada untung ! need to do some engraving before that though. then a stop at the kilang jarum.

3 pm, had an appointment with one account manager of my clients. this guy did a stupid joke that day. supposed they paid us about 30K but instead the issued a cheque of rm1.8K. i dah issue few payments to suppliers amounting slightly more than 20K. duhhhh kena korek tabung utk top up. last last still tak cukup about 1.7K. nasib baik ada bantuan dari orang yang tersayang….

hope the meeting today would end nicely!!

others… well, business is getting slower and slower.currently; only two project in hands.yg kecik kecik tu ada tapi mana cukup.after may; once these two project habis.. tatau la lagi. doakan moga ada new jobs coming.

tapi inilah cabaran dalam berniaga. memang orang cakap, tabahkan hati;kuatkan semangat and so on. but do they really know what we’re facing ? do they really understand those tekanan ? 🙂

no pain no gain right!

doakan abanglong mampu menghadapi cabaran dan dugaan ini..

thanks in advance my friends.


12 Responses to “its selasa…”

  1. all the best!

  2. hazelsyd Says:

    insyaallah u’ll sail thru this period of recession just fine..

  3. insyaAllah, the same idea like hazelsyd above 🙂

  4. insyaallah , esok rabu doh

  5. salam

    kite sume doakan abglong kuat…
    bersmgt sentiasa…

  6. dugaan org berniaga..

    semoga sucess selalu abg long..!! insyaallah..ada rezeki menanti tu..

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