gift from God

i’m having a deep trouble with the company. many thanks to current economic situations and many more thanks to those stupid politicians who just talk shits.
almost all my payments stuck with the clients. and i’ve came across million reasons why they cant pay us. some even create funny yet creative stories to cover their butts.
i do understand their problems

and i’ve tried all my best to be linear with them
but we do have  problems of our own too.
and I pray to God…
please help us in any possible way..
please help us ease our burdens.
and God ‘sent’ someone…
who asked me.. do i need some help.
there were tears in my eyes.
thank you Allah…
my prayers is answered.
and to you….

who means so much to me.

all i can say now is..

thank you for loving me!


12 Responses to “gift from God”

  1. hazelsyd Says:

    yeah, sometimes miracle do happen in our lives..all the best abg long!

  2. alhamdulillah…

    jangan putus berdoa.. insyallah .. dimakbulkan…

  3. hanya Allah yang Maha Mengetahui..

  4. alhamdulillah…everything happened for a reason…and now Allah has granted ur wish…answered ur prayers…syukurrr

  5. hadoiii sakit kepala ngan kojer laaa…abg long, hapdet plz! *hehehe takder kaitan*

  6. terima kasih sebab singgah blog saya yea abang long…

  7. hazelsyd Says:

    abg long,
    student lagi…so kojer=kojer skolah heeheehee

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