last night there was a training session for unit trust agents.

attend it as to gain more knowledge, tips and tricks from those successful guys.

followed by some teh tarik n mee goreng sessions at mamak nearby

greet a familiar face.

(future prospect !!! hehehe)

my senior during my uni years. a ‘uniform’guy by profession.

old stories exchanged.

toward the ends i ask him for his cell number.

and he said…

you can call my I PHONE  at 012 xxx xxxx

errrr since when the term cellphone/handphone ni pupus ???

14 Responses to “i-phone”

  1. heheeh motifffff nak sebut gaks i phone tu eks?? hahahaha

  2. hahah..aiseh men siap cakap call my I PHONE tuh…kekekek…

    boss bile mau rembat satu I PHONE??

  3. khairulnizambakeri Says:

    Saja je bang long nak emphasis iPhone tu.
    BTW, ok tak bloggin thru iPhone?

    • abanglong Says:

      knb – taktau.. its not mine🙂 rasa rasanya, wordpress ada create satu application. blogging wordpress using iphone.

  4. o ye ke, tunjuk sikit muka org tu,coz aritu sy duk dr pg ke ptg kat i phone punya launching tu……hahhahahahhaha…poyo,mcm ingat je muka2 org yg beli i phone tu,ala bkn best pun i phone,xleh buat video call,xleh mms(mampus bos marah,kondem brg comp sendiri)ahhahahhaha

    • abanglong Says:

      khairie – hehehe. nanti banglong kena sebut…. ok, u can call me on my nokia 3310…. okeh !!! muahahahaha

  5. teringat ada model telepon brand “ai mobile’
    buatan China ker apa…

  6. salam..
    hehe..teknologi mmg begitu..xmustahil nti i-phone 2 pn pupus gk..=p

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