doctor’s advice

went to nearby clinic.a familiar doctor was on duty.known him for many years already.dulu masa bukak clinic, drive a motorbike to work, now driving a spanking new crv ! mesti untung banyak kan doc!!!
jumpa shake hand and borak2. a usual doctor’s script – sakit apa,ada batuk,batuk ada kahak,demam berapa hari,blame the weather and bla bla ( see… abanglong pun leh jadi dokter neh hahaha)
he checked the bp and so on – normal he said.

i want voren inj doc…. hehe

ehhh awak ker saya yang dokter nih!!! he jokes.

you just stress. overworked maybe ? well. try to reduce your workload.get some exercise, less smoking and take more supplements.  take fresh fruits and make sure your drink lots of water..

is the advice of a friendly doc.

balik rumah maklong tanya..apa kata doktor yang?

i said…

more sex.



.dush dush!!


makan the ubat.. tido lena sampai pagi. and 732 am…i’m in the office already!

roti tampal my dear ???


7 Responses to “doctor’s advice”

  1. sempat lagi tu….

  2. Salam

    pernah dengar ceramah kesihatan , sex is very good untuk orang yang stress-stress nie …

  3. fndrocka Says:

    the more the happier…

  4. ish! debish!!
    pretend tak bace.. (bajet innocent :p)

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