i never learn

i should have learn from my mistakes. but again, we can never know what other people thoughts. we can never predict what’s their tactics.and we can never notice an evil behind their minds…


the payment is for the jobs done somewhere in oct/nov last year. and the actuall current balance is enuf for me to  put 30% downpayment for the exora.

the same thing had happened to me previously. its here

in my previous post; i alway  hide the company name..

now – yes its technomeiji rubber (m) sdn bhd.

to those who happened to be a decision maker for this company – bertaubatlah

dont mess other peoples life.





3 Responses to “i never learn”

  1. sabaq na abanglong…
    moga2…semua akan selesai…
    depa mmg x berhati perut..

  2. sabar eh abanglong.
    sedih betul kan bila kita dah buat kerja elok2 sekali dapat hasil tak setimpal.

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