jom masak

went to balakong – to settle some stuff for the coming project

to supply 300 sets of high voltage auto connectors for one well known company (no more talk cock companies like technomeiji for me )

still feel very uneasy.

ermmm some cooking would helps

stop at mines to get some greens

some haiwans

thot nak cook some paprik kind of things



reached home

arnabs said they nak nasi goreng power

weh.. nama kena glemer even tak sedap muahaha



nasi goreng cina actually

extra telur

no chilli

the greens must be small n bite sized – steamed n put aside (crunchy !)

tips – bawang besar -potong small squares – will give some ‘sweetness’ to the nasi



the haiwans oso goreng separetely –  garing n oso crunchy

bilis – garing – small sized ones okeh



nasi – one big mangkuk

greens – one smaller mangkuk

bilis – one mangkuk

haiwan – another mangkuk

cili potong with kicap for big daddy



take nasi take haiwan – mix  nasi kerabu style

then sprinkled the greens

some bilis



sedap i tell u ! .

all licin.





no pics for today


11 Responses to “jom masak”

  1. pififi ;D Says:

    hebatnya abang long masak! ;D

  2. da licin? baru nak mintak sikit 🙂

  3. Ayo…u sure the kids didnt get diarrhea? Ahaks..just kidding..know ur a good cook…

  4. hrmm…simple and sounds sedap…

  5. abang long tak letak gambar pun dah terliur melihat resipi huhu..

  6. hampeh tulll

    ingat kan ader ler gambor nyerrrr

    ha ha ha

  7. Gajah Kontot Says:

    leh la bukak business kedai makan pasni.. ( abanglong nasi goreng poweRR!!! )

  8. jom kongsi resepi & tgk video masak-masak di macam ni senang je nk masak!

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