sabtu yang sunyi

i was on the way to work..even its was an offical cuti day.
got a distress call from client in bukit. one of their machine broke down and their production line stop.
he told me.. please.
actually i was not planning to meet customer
wearing just t shirt
and a ‘lembutnyaaaaa’ seluar
-planning for a really suprise lunch date with yang tersayang.

hari ibu maaah !
sorry dear next time ya
stop at the office to pack some alatan perang
all those allen keys,ratchet,digital multimeter..
rushed to bukit
it was a ‘quiet’ journey
really it was
their machine had some problem with the controller
its designed by my competitor

some short circuit dalam board

simple problem

but took hours baru rectify the problem.



sunyi jugak masa buat kerja.


balik office abt 5 pm

memang sunyi hari ini

sebab my two phones tertinggal kat office

the samsung registered – 30 missed calls (the most it can register)

and puan siti norkia – 3310 – boleh register 12 missed calls



sorry… tertinggal!


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