met an ol fren. he signed his vss offer and his last working day is somewhere in june. technically jobless with close to 100K cash.
he told me that he would like to jump into business. he told me his lucrative ideas and plans. he also mentioned the figures he think he could get.
i told him;
business is not that simple
business requires far more beyond that
it need you to be super tough
it need lots and lots of sacrifices
your family your relationship and even your own life… is not a priority anymore.
there will be suckers along your path
there will be demons behind,infront and both left/right you
there will be friends who instantly became enemy
and there will be enemy who offered helps in needs
yes.. business needs a lot of planning
but..do prepare for the split second decisions
its not easy
though i welcomed him
wish him the very best of luck
and may god bless you….





10 Responses to “vss”

  1. act mmg berminat nak bisnes2 ni tgk pada keuntungan nyer even datang sekali sekali..

    but ….

    i’m the one yang bukan penyabar dan sangat tidak tahan dengan cabaran yang melampau2..


    forget it..makan gaji lah jawabnya.

    • abanglong Says:

      naja – well, its balanced world. ada bisnes,ada doktor,ada jadi askar ada jadi mat rempit etc etc…
      kalau sumer manusia baik… polis tadek keja plak.
      kalau sumer manusia sihat… doktor – dok korek idong jer la kat spital.
      itu lumrah alam and simbol keagungan ciptaan Tuhan.

  2. Hmm…rasanya boleh teka sapa nih…..

  3. missjat Says:

    great job abanglong…a friend…a brother…a wiseman word

  4. baguslah dia ada niat nak berniaga…

    cuma dugaan tu je lah..

    • abanglong Says:

      putu – yup. abanglong just takmo dia hangat2 taik ayam jer. lagipun dia ada lots of money; so itu sepatutnya memudahkan perjalanan perniagaan yang dia nak buat..

  5. serindit rimba Says:

    And good luck to you too abang long

  6. D.U.I.T… doa, usaha, ikhtiar, tawakal akan menjamin kejayaan bisnes tu..

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