ini iklan.

on 20/2/2009 she agreed and signed the forms.

she then hand me RM5K cash….



sib baik den tak joli katak.



she invested in those unit trust.

me – licensed one maah.



today – she called n she needed the money

tak kisah la brapa pun.



check with the bank

she got rm56++.++

a nett profit of 11% something.

not bad huh !!!

about 3 months investing.



she smiled.

its all that matters to me.

see someone happy.


interested ??

contact me! hahahaha


11 Responses to “ini iklan.”

  1. unit trust mane ne abanglong?
    which bank? cimb?

  2. salam..wahhh what a good iklan that u have there….LOL

  3. wahh…bagus tuh..

  4. abg long,

    unit trust ni dia dump one lump sum gitu ker and that’s it? takde monthly masuk2kan duit like insurance-kind of saving tuh?
    ni tanya jer..sajer jer nak tau..

    • abanglong Says:

      hazel – basically, its our money and kita berhak nak simpan sebanyak mana and secara mana kita nak. tadek wajib wajib.sumer sunat sunat jer….. anda dah bersunat ? muahahahaha

  5. public mutual?
    saya berminat..

  6. abang long,

    cam best je… boleh explain lebih dlm email sy

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