kasim selamat

had lunch in medan mara. not bad though not very good either.
approached by a couple.
the guy i think mid 30’s. blind.
with an elderly woman… couldnt me his mother
his wife maybe.
table to table
asking for donation.
my table – i dont give.
yes.. i dont.
continue lunch.
after a while; the guy sat at the table infront of me. looks tired and the lady is somewhere else.. maybe order foods.
then there was a ringing tone
a song by a popular group.
not to be mentioned here – no free promo okeh hehe.
the guy flip the phone from his slack.
its an N80.




selamat la kau kassim !


7 Responses to “kasim selamat”

  1. should have considered begging as a career choice a loooonnnggg time ago! *sigh* 🙂

  2. i didnt give either, cause i know,
    they make better revenue than i am..

  3. acik oren Says:

    mereka adelah org kaya yang mintak sedekah..
    tapi berbaloi kalau yang dtg makcik jual kerepek..at least dpt beli kerepek ubi sedap..

  4. N80??…aaaaaaa….
    henpon ku cukia je…
    woww..kayanya mereka..
    mesti sehari dpt banyakk…

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