aku fenin

had a meeting with an automaker down south
recently i’ve quoted some items- 35% cheaper than nearest compatitor
the new engineers puzzled. demand me to meet them
yada yada there yada yada here…
duh….. if thats the price i quote,means i’ve got my profit already
its just a matter of chicken or fish only
they finally understood.
asked me to design a better engine and suspension installation system.
tender will be open next month

need faster tact time

and less manpower utilised.
those japs already knew me well.
their current system
is designed by the writer of this entry.
so far there is no engine or suspension installation problems

for all cars rolled out from their factory… since 01



they also need a totally new automation system

centralised all those engine,tranny,brake fluids

automatic and less messy

to fill all empty tanks on each an every cars.


thank GOD.

hope i could get those two projects

doakan me my friends..


8 Responses to “aku fenin”

  1. missjat Says:

    semoga Allah kurniakan abg long kemeriahan rezeki utk jln2 kebaikan.Amin

  2. abg long…

    i have to confess….

    saya hanya paham citer the first and last paragraph jer hahahah so apa2 pon i doakan untuk u dapat projects yg u nak tu…hehehe

  3. acik oren Says:

    semoga abg long dapat projek mega mega juta juta
    maka boleh belanje saya makan dengan jaya nya

    • abanglong Says:

      oren – uishhhh mohon makbul doa ni 🙂 hehehe. manada mega juto juto cik ooi. tp klu rupiah dah memang laaa juto ekekekeke

  4. insyallah..adalah rezeki tu…

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